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They are four soldiers who were genetically created to be mankind’s last line of defense against potential world ending threats. They are soldiers who can transform themselves into gigantic monsters. They are the Kaiju Corps and they are facing a threat that is beyond the scope of even their fantastic abilities.An alien Signal has found its way to Earth. The Signal’s purpose is to take over an existing planet’s technology. The Signal then uses that planet’s technology to create giant robots which exterminate most of the indigenous population and then uses the survivors as a food source which they will ship back to the Signal’s planet of origin.The Kaiju Corps were created to fight a war but this is no war its complete domination and subjection. Humanity’s only hope is to form an insurgency resistance that can fight against the robots and their only hope in providing humans with the time they need to organize their resistance is the Kaiju Corps! 

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​FREE EBOOK - The collected stories I did for G-Fan magazine where Gfantis takes on not only Chimera, Atomic Rex, and the ROCS but also Jeremy Robinson's Nemesis, Frank Parr and Wayne Smith's Irokus, Timothy Prices Big in Japan Characters, K.H. Koehler's Raiju and many more and its all FREE

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The metropolis known as Port City is protected by the vigilante known as Raptor. The crime fighter is a dark avenger who is a master of martial arts, a brilliant detective, a world class acrobat, and a skilled escape artist. In addition to his skills, the vigilante also has a wide array of state of the art military weaponry that he uses in his war on crime. Raptor has defeated crime bosses, psychopaths, terrorists, and despots. He will rise up to defend the citizens of Port City from any entity that threatens them.
Gargantasaurus is the world’s mightiest kaiju. The dragon like creature stands at over one hundred and sixty feet tall, is nearly indestructible, and has the ability to spew flames from his mouth. Thirty years ago the creature destroyed London then disappeared into the ocean. Tonight Gargantasaurus has surfaced near Port City with the intention of razing it to the ground.
Port City is set to witness a battle never before dreamed of as a monster of immeasurable power clashes with a hero of indomitable will. Tonight the people of Port City will watch as the Kaiju battles the Crime Fighter!

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Gigantic monsters have been loosed upon the planet with the sole purpose of eradicating the human race. 

Humanity’s last hope resides in Chimera: a kaiju hybrid created from the combined genetic material of a Sperm-Whale, Lion, and Gorilla. In order to train the monster, the government recruits Luke Davis a master teacher of utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis techniques. 

Chimera is the most powerful weapon ever created by mankind, but will this beast be able to save humanity from the kaiju apocalypse?

My first children's book with Art by Josh Toritto

The Frankenstein Monster is on his sad lonely walk through the ice searching for a home when he is suddenly whisked away to the Land of OZ. Will the monster find the home that he so desperately seeks among the people of OZ or will his search for a home continue in vain?

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The war is over, humanity has lost, and the Kaiju rule the earth.

Three years have passed since the US government attempted to use giant mechs to fight off an incursion of kaiju. The eight most powerful kaiju have carved up North America into their respective territories and their mutant offspring also roam the continent. The remnants of humanity are gathered in a remote settlement with Steel Samurai, the last of the remaining mechs, as their only protection. The mech is piloted by Captain Chris Myers who realizes that humanity will not survive if they stay at the settlement. In order to preserve the human race, he leaves the settlement unprotected as he engages on a desperate plan to draw the eight kaiju into each other's territories. His hope is that the kaiju will destroy each other. Chris will encounter horrors including the amorphous Amebos, The Giant turtle Tortiraus, and the nuclear powered Therapod Atomic Rex!

Will his quest save humanity or doom it to extinction

It has been fifteen years since Captain Chris Myers used his giant mech to draw the kaiju of North America into each other’s territory to have them destroy each other. Once all of the kaiju had battled to the death only Atomic Rex was left standing. In Antarctica, the kaiju known as Armorsaur has entered the frozen valley of the yetis and attacked them. Devouring all but one alpha male yeti who was exposed to the kaiju’s blood and left dying in the snow. The yeti awoke to find himself transformed into a kaiju with an obsession to destroy Armorsaur. Chris and Kate are forced to protect the people of their settlement by drawing Atomic Rex into South America where he will battle the kaiju there to usurp their territory and claim their hunting grounds as his own. As Atomic Rex enters South America from the north the enraged Polar Yeti enters the continent from the south. The two most powerful kaiju in the world will battle their way through a multitude of giant monsters as they are set on a collision course with each other!

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Terrorists have unleashed giant cryptids on the nations of the world. Kaiju cryptids Bigfoot, The Mongolian Death Worm, Moth Man, The Loch Ness Monster and numerous others leave a trail of death and destruction across the globe. 
World leaders respond with the ROCS. Massive birds with cybernetic enhancements that share a neuro-link with the pilots who sync with them. The ROCs are the world’s only hope but will the pilots be able to understand their own hearts and minds in time to sync with the ROCS and battle the giant cryptids or will their faults and shortcomings as people be carried over into the kaiju themselves?

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A team from Princeton University searching for a lost tribe in Antartica discover a hidden valley filled with wooly mammoths, saber toothed tigers and other Ice Age beasts. Seizing the opportunity of a lifetime, the team set up camp to study the amazing creatures. But there is something else that lives in the Valley.

Something terrifying.

Something beyond imagination.