Megachiradon is a war beast from the planet Ryuuedo. The creature is bioengineered to create chaos and devastation onto a target planet to prep the target planet for a massive invasion by the Ryuuedo forces.  The creature during its mission will test out the target area for the strength of the area’s defenses and/or take out any other bioengineered or natural threats of that planet. Megachiradon is a mutated fruit bat basically. The fruit bat’s natural abilities are greatly enhanced thanks to the Ryuuedo scientists. They also put new abilities in its DNA to make the creature more deadly than its natural form on Earth.

Height: 300 meters

Wingspan:  200 meters

Fur: Light golden

Tusks: Two; beneath its jaw. Help of guiding the sonic weapons. It can be a melee weapon.

Crest: One; on its head.  No known abilities.

Crawl ability: Can walk on talon knuckles.

Abilities: sonic scream, sonic beam, ability to grow its wing talons into a bladed weapon or create a talon drill. It can bluff by spreading out its wings to make itself bigger.

Flight top speed: Mach 4.15

Defeated Gfantis at a unknown Hawaii volcanic area; Megachiradon was last seen heading to Japan