Eyes of Maaleisce

By Breyden Halverson




To my kaiju author friend and mentor Matthew Dennion, who graciously ushered me into the world of Kaiju Thriller Writing. I couldn’t have been here without you and I hope our friendship extends for many years to come. Keep up the good work, my kaiju author pal!


To Shusuke Kaneko who directed my all-time favourite kaiju movies, GAMERA 3: Revenge of Iris and G.M.K: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. Domo arigato gozaimasu, for your contributions to the kaiju genre and giving us one heck of a dark kaiju film. We wish you luck in your career and hope we may get another kaiju film from you yet.


Author’s note: This story serves as a side story/sequel to Atomic Rex 2: Wrath of the Polar Yeti and a continuation of Matt Dennion’s Atomic Rex series. If you haven’t read those two, it’s recommended you do so---both for continuity’s sake and checking out his writing. Plus, the novels were entertaining as heck!

Part One





Amazon River, South America,

4 hours ago


The Amazon River flowed down its way with great ease. The water stirring up much silt and mud as the deceptively calm yet violent current tears through beneath the canopy. Branches and small tree limbs float on top of the muddy water as the great river carries them, their destination unknown to them. If one was up in the air at a decent altitude, they can see the river winds its way in a peculiar side-to-side. In fact, if one wasn’t aware of the rivers origin one could surmise a huge creature slithered its way down and left a huge, deep trail in the ground. Then, one could go on, that water filled in the gaps and created what is now called the Amazon River.

           Without warning, the water begins to bulge. The water soon forms a huge dome, causing medium sized waves to crash onto the shores from all sides. A flock of giant parrots resting on top of the trees that cover the Amazon Rainforest in a lush, emerald color scatter when one of the waves nearly takes out the base of the tree. They squawk annoyingly at the sight, their break interrupted by something.  Then a light pink back breaks the surface. Then another one breaks the surface, water splashing everywhere. Soon about five of the pink backed creatures break the water, their long beaked snouts giving out giant licking and whistling noises as they rush up the stream. The mutated Amazon River dolphins, or Botaiju as called by Spanish people living nearby, are on the run from something literally on their tails. For nearly three weeks, something huge and terrifying has been stalking them and all of the mutated dolphins have been skittish and nervous, something very out of the ordinary for them! Usually they are the top predator in the Amazon Rainforest besides other mutants and Kaiju n the area, but this was different. This was no ordinary mutant. Nor could they place it as a Kaiju. But whatever it was, all they cared about was getting away from it. Two times before they tried to engage it----it killed three members from their original pod.

           The one male dolphin at the front, larger than all the rest and had deep gashes on its back, was the leader and the one looking out for the pod’s safety. The people around here call him “El Marcado” or “The Scarred One”, because of his menagerie of scars from battling other mutants. Just over the creature tiny left eye is a particularly deep scar from his battle with what humans call Dragonus, the mutated dragonfly Kaiju which rarely flies over the River. That time Dragonus was picking off the young Botaiju and El Marcado fought the Kaiju in a violent water and air clash. Finally, as far as El Marcado could remember Dragonus backed off and sped off into a northwest direction. Though a few young Botaiju were killed, the rest of the pod survived.

           This mysterious giant creature currently chasing them, though, made El Marcado think otherwise and even when just sensing it’s presence, the mutated boto dolphin knew that it was far more powerful than any other Kaiju before it.

Perhaps more powerful than even the giant mutated theropod humans call Atomic Rex!

           A bunch of trees suddenly exploded from the right side, huge chunks of tree trunks flying into the river like cannonballs. The chunks created huge splashes and sent large waves crashing into silt shorelines, even into some parts of the forest where water covered. The pod screeched in terror and confusion. El Marcado’s beady eyes widened. Has the giant creature stalking them for so long found its prey?!

           Almost in response, an energy beam shot out of nowhere and blasted two members of the pod. The beam itself was fairly small but concentrated and managed to cut through several trees in the process. The beam has a white center but is bright yellow on both sides and anything it cut, it incinerated. Tree tops burned off, the forest exploded into a fiery orange color and the forest floor nearly turned to molten rock. Every mutant that was lucky enough to miss the blast fled in any direction they could find from the rapidly expanding fiery, molten ground. Every 2 minutes about 1.3 miles of the forest was burned to a crisp. Just before it could destroy anymore, the molten expansion stopped, leaving a charred chuck of the forest floor.

           Without warning, a terrifying roar burst out of the forest and earth-shaking footsteps thundered towards the river. The pod raced towards the entrance of the river with a primordial fear that even El Marcado was starting to feel. The roar of whatever mysterious Kaiju is thundering towards the pod echoed through the forest like a combination between a dragon and a really loud monster truck combined into one. It was also so loud it could cut through any creature within a two mile radius.

           El Marcado screeched for all the pod members to speed up----then a foot stomped in their way, blocking the entrance. The pod stopped behind El Marcado and stared up towards the warbling surface of the river. They could see the shape of the beasts head which was round on top then curved downwards to a round-ish point and to the back, a crest above where its eyes would be. On the neck, the pod can see jagged, almost flame-like spikes jutting out of thick, scuted plates on its neck. Finally, closest to their field of vision a pair of fairly long arms which possessed five fingered claws on the end. The pod only watched as tension between them and the mysterious saurian giant watches each other. The beady eyes of all the Botaiju were nearly quaking underneath the water as they know full well that this new Kaiju wants them dead. Then, they see two orange slits narrow in hunger and the saurian Kaiju dove into the water. A gargantuan thrashing of water occurred as a clash of roaring, shrieking, tooth and claw occurred. It was only a minute later that the otherwise muddy water of the Amazon River was stained with the blood of the mutated Amazon river dolphins and the shrieking echoed through the forest. El Marcado lifted its head up towards the shadowy silhouette of the creature in sunlight towering over him triumphantly. The last thing “The Scarred One” did before dying was to utter one croak to its dead pod members before descending into a pool of its blood.


           The massive dinosaur Kaiju lifted its head towards the sun and roared in a passionate, terrifying pitch that sent small waves to the shore and birds flying into the air. The starving beast had travelled the entire width of the Pacific Ocean to reach this place in South America after sensing a powerful presence from its Mid-pacific Island home. It was so driven to find out what that presence was that it almost forgot to eat for a couple of days and then about a week before, it spotted this exact same pod of mutated river dolphins heading upriver for some reason it did not know. Nor it id it want to know; it just wanted something to eat.

           The giant dinosaurian Kaiju bent over and took a huge chunk of flesh out of the leader dolphin. It tilted its head to the sky and swallowed the piece of flesh, its throat bulging as the chunk of flesh made its way down the esophagus. For whatever inexplicable reason to the newcomer Kaiju, this unknown continent felt like home. The climate felt right and the food here suit its brutal tastes. For the first time it felt like it truly belonged here but it knew that it had yet to find that presence and that’s why it was here in the first place. The powerful, giant saurian tore off a few more pieces before another, almost as powerful roar echoed upstream rocking more than just a few trees in the process. The newcomer Kaiju cocked its head and turned towards the direction of the sound that elicited its interest. Its eyes widened when it sensed that this came from the same powerful presence it sensed before. Taking a quick bite, it turned towards the sound and roared as thundered down the river eager to start the match with its to-be-rival.


           Atomic Rex stomped onto one of the shorelines of the Amazon River and sharply looked around. The radioactive dinosaur growled at the prospect of something invading its territory and after what it went through with that loathsome mech as well as Innsmouth, Dipatosaurus and Liopleviathan, it wished everything out of its territory for once and the thought of another, unruly Kaiju or mutant invading its territory was enough to set a tired Atomic Rex on a furious, fighting rage. The mutant theropod turned its head and looked at the horrific scene. Patches of the forest were almost completely burnt to the ground, what should have been healthy forest floor was burnt and almost molten and there were no signs of other mutants in the area. Atomic Rex sensed the intense heat still cooling off and wisely turned to go into the river. But not before sensing something charging ahead!

           Eyes quickly widening, Atomic Rex sharply craned its head towards the direction of the incoming intruder and then frowned in intense fury. It raised both hands and readied itself to beat the living crap out of whatever comes his way. It then heard a short roar blasting through the forest and sent a wave of water rushing towards Atomic Rex. The wave rushed past him without any trouble and settled behind the mutant tyrannosaur as Atomic Rex builds up his fury for whatever Kaiju dares to enter his territory!

           Out the corner of the river came a huge surge of water blasting its way towards Atomic Rex, crashing into the trees and foliage on both sides of the river. Every tree on shore was blasted by a wall of water and fell down into the river, sending small monkeys and other non-airborne creatures into the river. The silt and sand stirred up the water and swelled up so much that the river became almost black with soil from the forest. Any and all submerged trees were quickly pulled to the surface by a vicious jetsam and they rocketed to the surface, bumping into Atomic Rexs heel as they blew past. Atomic Rex put both its clawed hands up to cover its eyes from a massive spray of water rocketing towards it. Then, breaching the water comes a massive shape crashing into it with the force of a Kaiju-sized wrecking ball sending both of the Kaiju flying towards the upper left side of the river. They both crash into the forest, sending dust and boulders flying into the air and creating a considerable dust cloud.

           Atomic Rex whipped his tail into the attackers side of the head and slammed in the lower jaw area. The massive saurian creature with flame-like spikes, round-ish snout top and scuted plates on neck and back backed onto one leg from the force. The mysterious saurian then sharply dug its claws into the rich, Earthy forest floor. Stopping its slide just in time to see an enraged Atomic Rex barrelling towards it, the new saurian Kaiju dashed to the side and plunged its three pronged spiked tail into the side of Atomic Rex. Atomic Rex bellowed in pain and annoyance and grabbed the new Kaiju’s tail. With one step to the side, it threw the new Kaiju onto the ground and just to make things more painful, dragged the new opponent through a batch of trees. A huge cloud of dust obscures both Kaiju’s views of each other but at the last possible second, Atomic Rex saw a bright flash of light and let go just as the enemy saurian let out a vicious blast of the same beam, narrowly missing Atomic Rex’s face. The beam shot past Atomic Rex into a nearby mountainside which nearly was incinerated to chunks of boulders crashing into the ground.

           The enemy Kaiju suddenly dashed towards Atomic Rex and just as the mutant theropod is turning around, the enemy saurian crashed right into Atomic Rex and delivered a series of strong gash strikes to the side of the face before switching swinging open hand strikes. Atomic Rex bit down on of the saurian’s arms, its vision still obscured by massive amount dust, and crunched down onto the one thing it could hold on. The mystery Kaiju shrieked in pain and then roared in fury. At that instant, Atomic Rex felt a shockwave hit hard against its chest and found itself flying through the air a few seconds later. The energy tore through several layers of skin and burned painfully as Atomic Rex roared in agony and fury as it hit the ground with tremendous crash. At last the dust obscuring his view of the enemy kaiju had cleared and Atomic Rex glared fiercely at his opponent. Then his eyes widened in shock at what he see’s

           The enemy kaiju was massive, much taller than Atomic Rex and much heavier as well, given the fact his tracks were set deeper than Atomic Rexs and the saurian was also a bit more muscular. The head of the beast was somewhat oval shaped and narrowed to blunt end. Its neck and back were covered in scuted plates that possessed flame-shaped spikes set in three rows down back. Both left and right side plates/spikes ended at the tail area whereas the scutes and spikes conjoined to create a singular row head up the tail. At the end of the tail were three spikes that pointed towards the back of the Kaiju saurian and resembled something like a katana, except jagged and primeval looking. The legs were powerfully built and capable of much power and speed if wanted and the arms, through not as long as Atomic Rex’s, were still very muscular. The color of the creature was a mix between splotches of light grey and night blue with scuted plates being charcoal grey and dark red. The eyes are what is holding Atomic Rexs attention. An intense mix between fiery orange and amber with a hint of aggression and power behind them but Atomic Rex senses something else in there. A desire……

           Then the saurian Kaiju’s spines suddenly started to glow yellow and within a matter of minute, energy surrounding the spines making them look like flames themselves. The energy glows a bright light around the creature and even in daylight, it brightened everything around the dinosaurian Kaiju as if it is night-time. Atomic Rex got warily up to his feet and glared straight at the beast with a look that rivalled his enemy’s. Then Atomic Rex gathered his strength and prepared to charge towards his opponent……that is, until the giant, glowing saurian dashed towards him with unbelievable speed. The creature was creating shockwaves as it was doing so, sending trees, boulders and even water out of place as it roared towards Atomic Rex.

           Atomic Rex narrowed his eyes and called forth the energy stored within him. Within moments, he was glowing blue and he burst forth with impressive speed towards the Kaiju that intruded upon his territory. He could see the glowing Kaiju saurian’s eyes widening as it realized what’s going on and it burst towards the mutant tyrannosaur with even more speed. Atomic Rex braced for the collision.

           As the two collided at the last possible moment, Atomic Rex released all of the energy and an Atomic Pulse went off, almost sending the enemy Kaiju off his feet. But to Atomic Rexs shock, the saurian released an even bigger shockwave and roared at the same time. What Atomic Rex didn’t notice is that the two explosions joined together to create one gargantuan dome explosion that rapidly expanded for 3 miles before dissipating.


           The giant saurian got up its feet, shaky from the massive explosion that happened yet determined to keep fighting the creature until the end. It could see the creature humans called Atomic Rex was having trouble keeping on its feet as well but the mysterious saurian Kaiju relished a good challenge from an enemy. It gave out what looked like a small toothy grin as it got up and looked at its enemy struggling. It was finally getting the upper hand! The saurian kaiju started to charge its yellow beam attack to finish off Atomic Rex----

Then heard a strange, hovering sound is heard overheard before two crimson beams shoot down towards Atomic Rex!


           Atomic Rex dodged the beams just in time before one of the beams skimmed its skin and got to the right side. The mutant theropod looked up and growled in fury and wonder at what it was seeing. It was obscured by the bright sunlight but it see the silhouette of the thing it’s seeing. Floating above in the air, a svelte creature with the body shape of a seahorse and a horse, six armoured legs with sharp and spear like bony points for feet. It possesses an elongated skull like face with horns like a dragon and a long tail that splits into three appendages that also possess three pincer-like things. The underside of the tail also appears to have glowing red organs as well as the chest area and two pairs of eyes on left and right sides glow an unearthly amber/red. The last thing the mutant dinosaur noticed were the four long protrusions coming out of its back and which seemed to generate energy wings. Atomic Rex had no idea what this creature was but having to deal with two creatures in its territory was becoming quite frustrating for the mutant theropod. The kaiju theropod roared a challenge at the strange beast, wanting to cut down this already insolent intrusion and to finish all of this as quickly as possible.


           The strange, floating beast uttered nothing but turned downwards to look at the mutant theropod and narrowed its eyes as if contemplating to attack the powerful dinosaur kaiju. It then turns towards the North and then through a series whale-like sounds communicated something to the enemy, scuted saurian before moving faster than the eye can see, dashing out of sight.

           Several tense seconds pass by.

           Then the creature releases all of its energy and roars as if thinking it is already victorious, releasing a huge amount of energy in the process. Trees tear out of the ground and are torn apart by the vicious energy release. Now the saurian beast has a malignant look in its eyes, looking to tear apart Atomic Rex. Atomic Rex once more calls the remainder of his nuclear energy and the two roar at each other as they dash toward each other hoping to finish the other off. The earth cracks beneath their feet and animals run in opposite directions to escape what will happen. When they crash into each other, the explosion that occurs blocked out the sun and everything within 1.5 miles was engulfed in a blast of white.


Chapter 1


Couple hours later,

Near same location


           “Just make sure to note anything unusual or out of place once you arrive at Atomic Rex’s location,” Kate radioed in through Steel Samurai 2.0’s radio system. Chris Myers radioed in with the affirmative, ready to go begin another special reconnaissance mission down to South America to check on Atomic Rex. He signed out and made Steel Samurai 2.0 accelerate to his next destination. He then sat back in his pilots chair and put his back on the chair, thoughtfully gazing at the ceiling.

             It’s been nearly seven months since the death of Yetaiju at the hands of Atomic Rex during their last battle and everything so far has been going quite well, much to Kate’s and Chris’s relief. Even though they didn’t say it, they were still slightly anxious about Atomic Rex moving up to North America despite all they did to make so that the mutant theropod didn’t cause anymore trouble. Making things more relieving, he managed to save his wife from Yetaiju, worried that her memories as Ogre’s captive would have made things even wrose in a situation that was already fraught with much danger.

           He was also happy about the creation of the new council and that his wife was the leader of it. During their operation down in South America, the previous leaders who were also in charge of the Midwestern settlement wanted to keep their positions and try to strip Kate of her leadership and support in the settlement. They obviously thought that Kate, as a woman, would not be an adequate leader and thus tried everything in their power to keep their power and leadership in the camp. That is, until his teenage daughter, Emily, confronted the corrupt elders and threatened them to halt such activities. They relented but it was until after Steel Samurai 2.0 landed back in the settlement in North America that the elders decided to step down from their positions and let Kate take over the mantle.

           Chris smiled. He was proud of his wife as well as her progress, but moreover he was thankful to have ever met her. He truly was.  He remembered what it was like when he embarked on his quest to kill all of North America’s True Kaiju and taking on all of such powerful creatures on by himself. The weight of the mission, the consequences----good and bad----as well as the thought of failure in his mission was not only gut-wrenching. It was crippling. During his quest, not a day or moment went by when he didn’t feel such darkness weighing down on him. He especially vividly remembers the fate of his two friends at the hands of Atomic Rex, when he could do nothing but retreat and cower and kick himself for not being able to save his friends. That all changed after he rescued Kate. Yes, he mostly did manage to succeed in his mission to kill the continent’s True Kaiju –aside from Atomic Rex—but it was thanks to Kate who gave him the strength and will to see his mission through to the end and become a hero in the settlement. She was also the reason why they had to beautiful yet competent children to take over after their death in a world of Kaiju.

Chris grunted and smirked. It isn’t me who should be called a hero, he warmly though to himself, looking back at his title. It should be Kate who should’ve had that honour. He then looked at the monitor and smiled; he’s arriving at his destination. Then he heard someone walk up from behind and take a seat in the chair. He looked over and said, “How’s the ride so far? Must be neat being in the mech for the first time in ages, right?”

           In the co-pilot seat, his son Kyle sat down and checked on Steel Samurai 2.0 to see if anything was out of kilter, needed fixing and just to be another pair of eyes for the recon operation. Because Kate is now the leader of the settlement and that she is running council meetings on various issues within the settlement, she is unable to act as Chris’s extra eyes so about two weeks before this latest operation she and Chris took this matter to the new council and discussed who would go with the famed mech pilot. Emily stepped down, saying that she would keep studying Ramrod’s habits and behaviour in case the mutant ram decided to get too close to the settlement. Another reason is that she is in the midst of her relationship with Sean who has proven to be a very good boyfriend and did all the tasks he was given. Kate and Chris gave a small chuckle, knowing the romance between their daughter and Sean was getting stronger by the day though there are still ‘barriers’ that Chris put up. While Sean wasn’t exactly the intelligent one, he was considerate and put out his best quality work at whatever he did. For that, Chris and Kate thanked him for his efforts and his care towards their elder daughter. Everyone else was a mixed bag, some volunteered vehemently to go while others feel they should stay in the settlement and do their part. For a while, a stalemate was reached and Kate almost considered cancelling the recon altogether.

           Eventually, Kyle broke even by saying that he’d go with his father which initially shocked everyone due to the fact that he is in charge with other tasks and that he had a team to take care of. Luckily, his good friend Charles stepped up to the plate as temporary team leader and turned out ot be just as competent as Kyle as team head. With that, Kyle and Chris spent the next weeks packing up until just yesterday they left. With a hug from his sister and mother telling him to be safe as well as some sister-brotherly warm jokes between them, in they went into Steel Samurai 2.0 and off to South America they went.

           Kyle smiled back. “Now I what it feels to be mom in the co-pilot seat and what it is like to stare head on at a Kaiju or a mutant”. He then bent over to see the calculations being made onto the screen and the nturned to his dad. “Not too far away now, Dad. Only about two miles to go and we should see Atomic Rex in our view in a minute.” Chris nodded silently. He wasn’t wild about seeing the Kaiju that killed his friends and that nearly turned him into scrap metal but in order to maintain safety for the settlement, Atomic Rex needed to be checked on fairly regularly to make sure nothing happens.

           Chris gave Kyle a thumbs up. “You go, kiddo! Now let’s---“ He stopped midway through speech  and with a “What-the-hell” look on his face, bent over closer to the monitor and stared at an unexpected image. They only thing he uttered next was, “The hell?”

           “What is it?” Kyle asked his Dad, perplexed at his reaction then realized something shocking was holding his fathers attention, something he almost never has seen before. Kyle looked to the outside monitor and his jaw nearly dropped! A gargantuan cloud of dust and debris in the form of what looks likes a massive tornado-like wind was towering over what should be a part of the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River. Even stranger, Kyle and Chris could see what appear to be signs of molten ground through the massive dust cloud as they could see bright lava red glowing ominously. Whatever happened here was something that happened much earlier, before their arrival and what happened here was massive battle, probably by two Kaiju. But in all his years of fighting Kaiju, Chris could not imagine a Kaiju strong enough to literally burn the Earth itself into molten rock, meaning whatever was fighting what else must have been damn strong!

           Kyle then heard a low, groaning growl coming out of the right side of the dust tornado cloud and whispered to his Dad, “Hey Dad, look over there! At the right edge of the cloud, something is emerging.”

           Chris looked to see a familiar giant creature emerge from the dust; a mutant theropod with spikes running down the neck, whose power is unrivalled by the majority of Kaiju and unchallenged by few. The one creature which defeated Yetaiju and survived the Kaiju yeti’s wrath as well as the survivor of Chris’s quest to kill North America’s True Kaiju and still, to this day, is by far the most powerful Kaiju ever to be created from the nuclear tests in the South Pacific. Most of all, it’s the one Kaiju that has kill his two best friends and nearly put his children and the settlement in danger.

           “Atomic Rex!”, Chris said in reverence, hatred and shock at the state of the Kaiju theropod. The mutant tyrannosaur was walking slowly from the scene of the calamity and as Chris looked closer, he was shocked to see the beast was actually limping and that it sustained huge damage on its body. He could see a determined look on the beasts face with a gaze of wanting to kill whatever did this to him. As Chris knew, Atomic Rex is by far the most aggressive of the True Kaiju and will attack anything it perceives as a threat…..it was thing fierce determination combined with his incredible strength and Atomic Pulse that has always guaranteed his victory. What’s more is that Atomic Rex almost never was mortally wounded……making this the first time he has seen Atomic Rex like this.

           Then Chris gasped; if there’s something that can wound Atomic Rex and cause this much destruction, then everyone could be in grave danger if whatever-it-is decides to head north. If it’s the latter, then he must take swift action! Chris quickly started raising Steel Samurai 2.0 up into the air just as two crimson beams shot out of the dust cloud and almost hit the mech! The beam then blasted into another part of the Amazon River and a column of water and foam exploded out of the muddy waters.

           “Holy shit! Where’d that came from!?” Kyle yelled in shock. Before Chris could answer, a huge black blur blasted out of the dust cloud at shocking speed creating a shock wave as it did so, followed by three other crimson beams. Chris manoeuvred out of the way just in time to dodge what looked like spear-attack and got a better look at the assailant. This time, both their jaws dropped open at how beautiful and bizarre their opponent was.

           The creature was svelte and had a body like that of seahorses except it had six smooth armour plated legs that ended with elongated spear-like points instead of feet. Its chest area was composed of three smooth, silvery grey chest plates that had anywhere to three to five glowing organs, of which were either crimson red or light blue. Its head was like a dragon’s except it was like a skull and there were no mandibles or jaws and the skull ended in a small beaked point curving downwards. On both left and right sides of its back where protrusions that started roundedly wide then curved to narrow point and underneath them were fleshy, scaly membranes. On top of them were smooth bony plates that tapered to point of the protrusions. Coming out of all four them were what appeared to be elongated red energy wings streaming out of the protrusions, flowing with energy as the creature floated in the air. To Chris it looked like a constant stream of energy was being poured out the faster the unusual Kaiju was moving through the air. Adorning the head were a bunch of horn like points and on the top, an upward curving protrusion stuck out like a crown. As Kyle and Chris observed, the tail was also armour plated and underneath there was a single row of glowing organs until the tail split into three different appendages. On the end of them were curved pincer like grabbers that were creating balls of energy.

           Then the mystery floating creature suddenly turned around and blasted towards the mech, nearly breaking the sound barrier. The energy being spewed out of the wing-like protrusions suddenly intensifies until a violent stream of red energy is seen by Chris and Kyle. Just as it reached Steel Samurai 2.0, it raised its right spearhead point and drove it into steel samurai’s right arm. A second later, a barrage of spear-like points were assaulting the steel hide of Steel Samurai 2.0, tearing pieces of steel after every swift strike.

           “The arm is pierced. It’s going to go for the mech’s engine core!” Kyle was starting to become frantic. He had never been in this situation before but with this happening Kyle now understood some of Dad’s fears and precautions about fighting Kaiju. Not only it is it unpredictable but it can also be freaking scary as hell if you’re not prepared! Luckily his Dad was more than cpapable of doing this

           His Dad yelled over the noise and shaking, “Go somewhere safe! I’ll tell you when we’re ready”. Kyle nodded and headed down to his fathers pilot rest area.

           “Okay girl, let’s show this horror movie reject some fury!” Chris yelled as he swiftly took charge and made Steel Samurai 2.0 pull out its giant sword from its scabbard. With a giant pull and a war-cry, the sword sliced through the air and hit the creature right into its left shoulder……only to hit a upward curving armour point around its clavicle area! Then Steel Samurai 2.0’s right arm tore out of the spearhead point and punch the creature in the gut with Kaiju- powered strike, following it with a blur of punches. The first punch hit the creature in the gut and it bent over slightly but it soon realized what was coming and dodged every one of them, becoming a blur to Chris’s eyes. Then it blasted upwards and the tri-tail beam creators blasted a volley of amber energy balls at Steel Samurai 2.0. Chris pushed the accelerator and the mech blasted through the energy volley before raising the sword with two hands to bring it swiftly and violently down on the new Kaiju. The sword struck with massive effect and created a miniature shockwave from the force, creating a strong that cleared the clouds and blew the rainforest below.

           Chris was breathing from the adrenaline and the suddenness of it all when the everything cleared. The creature was gone…..but where is it? Then the sensor alarms started ringing and Chris already guessed what’s happening. He turned to see the creature, unharmed and unscathed, reach the mech and raised its spearhead arm, aiming it for the center in what appears to be final blow. Steel Samurai 2.0 turned around to meet its opponent and rocketed towards its enemy. In moments, the mech and giant creature were flying around the place with amazing swiftness, clashing each other in a stunning aerial battle and were literally all over the place. Steel Samurai 2.0 then lunged towards the floating creature and raised its sword one more for the killing blow and within the mech, Chris roared with determination. Appearing calm despite what has happened, the creature shot forward as well and generated three massive energy balls. At the last possible moment, when both were in close quarters, the beast fired its energy balls at the mech with the mech retaliating by its sword down in a violent arc.

           The explosion was massive and violent, a massive dome of pure energy tearing through the air and even the rainforest down below was blowing from the force and winds generated by the explosions. Then the explosion disappeared and out of a cloud of smoke, Steel Samurai 2.0 just barely made it safely on the ground. The mech then got onto one knee, clearly overpowered by their opponent; Chris was still dumbfounded by what has happened. IT all happened so quickly and so suddenly that he found himself questioning whether he actually fought such a creature. Other question like did the creature he fought really exist and others stuck in his mind but he saw the state Steel Samurai 2.0 was in.

“Hey Dad, you okay? That sounded pretty rough for a fight out there!” Kyle’s voice echoed through the radio and Chris slumped in relief at the affirmation that his son was safe and sounded alright.

“Yeah, son. I’m fine but a whole lot of damage has been done to Steel Samurai. Can you fix some minor damage?”

           Before Kyle could answer his dad’s question, Chris heard a strange hovering sound and looked up; he could hardly believe it. He gasped and his eyes widened in shock. “Hang on, Kyle. I think our friend isn’t through with us….yet.”

           The creature was relatively unharmed as it came floating down from the massive cloud of smoke dissipating in the air and landed almost with complete silence. It’s tail almost floated down to the ground as it did so and the energy wings disappeared slowly like flames being put out, a calm but intense stare in its eyes. Chris could see two slits on either side of the creatures face in the center of them all, a round glowing blue circle with a small black pupil staring intently at them.

           Then it started to move, it’s four other legs moving like a horses and the front like in a praying mantis position. It moved slowly and ominously, like an impending doom torturing its victims by stretching out their feeling of doom. Steel Samurai 2.0 shakily got up to its feet; the otherwise strong metal from Bronze Warrior was now almost blasted through and a burn-tear mark is showing Steel Samurai’s right side. Nevertheless, Chris refused to give in to the creature’s power and though it was obviously much stronger than expected the mech pilot who killed all the True Kaiju of North America was not going down yet! Steel Samurai 2.0 raised its sword in ready position and waited intently for the creature to make its move.

           Chris smiled sorrowfully. If this is it Kate, then I’m sorry. I tried to keep our children safe but it didn’t turn out to be that way. I love y---

           Then a high-pitched sound pierced the air and reached the ears of every living creature from near and far. The mysterious Kaiju stopped in its tracks, eyes widened and turned in the direction of the sound, holding a look of reverence and almost familiarity. Chris noted that this new Kaiju seemed to go for precision when fighting and now is almost contemplating what do.

Without wanring, the aerial Kaiju suddenly looked back at Steel Samurai with a look that almost said “we’ll meet again somewhere” and then blasted off into the sky, in the direction of the sound.

           Chris was sitting agape at what happened when he heard Kyle step beside him, equally as dumbfounded. Both suddenly remembered the damage done to Steel Samurai and heard giant footsteps nearby. They turned to see a wounded Atomic Rex looking at Steel Samurai 2.0 as if to behold a rival……and in a way, an acquaintance. Then the mutant theropod roared fiercely at the mech.

Chris didn’t need any explanation for what that meant and Steel Samurai 2.0 take off. Too many questions were going on in Chris’s head: Why did that mystery Kaiju attack them? Why did it stop and look at them? Where did it come fom? What is it’s source of energy? Was it responsible for wounding Atomic Rex?

Chris sighed and turned to his son. “We’ll call Mom and Emily and tell them what we experienced today.”

Kyle looked concerned and nodded. “It’s best to let the others know. I have a bad feeling about this new Kaiju……if it is strong enough to seriously hurt Atomic Rex then---”. ?His son trailed off into concerned silence.  

Even though he didn’t say it, Chris silently agreed.


Chapter 2


           “Erica, this is Emily Myers. Do you have a reading on Ramrod anywhere near this location?” She waited for a while but so far, she has not a response from either Erica Stokes or Fred Byers for almost a couple hours and was starting to become concerned. Usually her team was very good at responding to radio calls issued from her but since splitting up for a reconnaissance aimed to find the mutant ram there has bee nothing. Even though she tried to keep herself calm during this most tense of times, she still felt a little nervous. Not for herself but for those under her command.

           Emily then sighed and looked at the forest around her. She was currently in the Olympic National Forest near what was once Seattle before the kaiju apocalypse came. It was affected by the radiation of some of the True Kaiju----likely Yokozuna, considering he would sometimes make his way up the Pacific Coast at time or so her parents told her. However, she was in a particularly thick part of the National forest and she couldn’t imagine anyone as smart or sensible as her squad to suddenly go through these woods without asking permission. Nor could she see why they would go missing in the first place; they were both quite familiar with the woods, especially any stretch of forest near the settlement.

           This was not the only unexplained yet unsettling thing to happen during the hours after her father Chris Myers and her brother Kyle had left. People began to report being watched in the woods, seeing black figures dashing through the foliage at night and there were even rumors of the settlement being infiltrated by unidentified individuals. On top of that, guards like her boyfriend Sean kept reporting to the council that mutilated animal carcasses were being found; the gruesome claims mention animal skulls were being punctured with brain matter sucked out and gone from the animal like it never existed. They also detail that the chest cavity was ripped or cut open by something sharp and the heart looked shrivelled up as if its ‘life force’ has been drained from it. Because of the disturbing events plaguing the area near the settlement, Kate has ordered more scouting operations to make sure that the settlement is being protected and to ease the fears from many. Today, Emily was ordered to both keep track of Ramrods movements and to scout the area in case any intruders were found.

           She was still wondering this until she heard a sound coming up from behind her. She whirled around and readied herself to unsheathe a large hunting knife on her left side when she saw who or what was causing that sound. 

           It was Erica and Fred, large splotches of blood on their clothes and black stains of dirt covering their knees and legs. As Emily looked, it suddenly became obvious to her that they have been attack. She gasped at not only at the thought of it happening to them, but how unlikely it was for them to get attacked.

           “Don’t…..worry, M’am. We’re…..fine…….but….they’re…on our….tail!” Erica was having trouble speaking as looked like her throat was almost slashed, making it difficult for her to speak properly.

           Emily was about to ask her why……but then behind her, she heard several noises that sounded like guns being loaded and cocked!

           “DUCK!!”, Emily shouted as they both dove onto the ground, just missing gunfire erupting from the bushes and foliage around them. The shots rang incessantly through the forest like tiny tanks shooting missiles at an enemy, trying ever so hard to hit their mark and blazing bright light yellow in the otherwise dark, thick forest of the Olympic Peninsula. Emily ordered her squad to crawl through the bushes to get away from the intruders and to get to the trucks on the road not too far away. She knew, however, that the shooters may have had split with another team to prevent them from escaping so she was extra aware of that while dodging bullets.

           She soon saw a clearing, where the forest suddenly leads to a trail heading down near where their trucks and shouted to her group “There! Run through! We can escape them if we dash through….” Without questioning their leader, Erica and Fred nodded and with Emily, they dashed through the clearing and down the trail. The gunshots are suddenly drawing closer as they heard footsteps running through the foliage, keeping up with them as they heard an order being shouted to the many shooters behind them.

           What she didn’t notice was that in front of her, a small group of other shooters blocked their way, promptly bringing larger rifles up to their chest level. Emily, Fred and Erica stopped just as they looked at the front group blocking their way. Emily also turned to see the soldiers coming up from behind.

They were trapped. Emily silently cursed herself for letting herself and her team-mates be in this position but then breathed deeply and exhaled. Then she observed her opponents.

           All of them were dressed night black clothing and nearly had what looked armoured or bullet proof padding on them but their attire was different depending on the parties. Emily could see the ones initially shooting at her and her team had what looked like black military suits made from a flexible material that looked somewhat neoprene but with armoured padding on chest, knees and near the head. They had built-in holsters for their guns and as she observed further, had night black katana-like swords on their backs. Their faces were covered up by helmets which curved downward in front of their faces with the only hint of eyes being a straight red slit of glass. Their feet were dark boot which had a bizarre treading on them which seemingly allowed them to grip the sometimes unforgiving terrain of the area.

           So these are probably soldier-level warriors, Emily silently concluded. But, what about the others at the front? With a frown of suspicion on her face, she looked to the assailants at the front. The unidentified individuals at the front were different from the soldiers behind. They had what looked like armoured trench coat with night black pants that had various knives along the left side, making it difficult for Emily to accurately gauge their build. Their faces were covered up with what looked like a ninja mask except for their eyes which had a piercing look that even Emily found unnerving. What was interesting is that on their left side was a triton shaped logo that was bright red-orange in color. In fact, it was like the color of blood had stained itself on their logos! Emily shuddered at the thought and decided to label these unidentified soldiers as ‘executioners’ because of their array of deadly weapons and cold nature.

           Then the tallest one in the center, a seemingly broad shouldered with strong arms, looked up to the other soldiers and uttered “Capture them! If they make the slightest motion, kill them!”

           Before the soldiers could react, a female voice cried out of the forest, “Not on my watch you wont!” 

           All of the soldiers gasped in surprise and turned around, aiming guns high into the air. The executioners whipped their hands behind their coats and drew what looked like cross between a handheld rifle and a cannon, cocking them as they readied. Then out of the forest came seven, rotating blurs flying across branches and towards the soldiers. Then they came into view----shuriken! They sharp, star-shaped projectiles hit the soldiers, piercing into their armor and digging into their flesh as more and more came out of the forest. The soldiers screamed as the tried to defend themselves from the onslaught but already quite a few succumbed to massive bleeding. The executioners fared better but they were still having trouble shooting at the hidden assailant. As they shielded themselves from the attack, Emily sensed that someone else seems to have a grudge on these soldiers.

           Out of frustration, one of the executioners shouted into the forest, “Come out where we can see you! We’ll have you finished in no time!”

           As if in answer to his question, a figure leaped out of the forest and into the group of soldiers behind Emily’s team. Emily could see soldiers being knocked-out from the hard blows and some were being thrown into the bushes….in no particular order either. When enough of the soldiers were unconscious, Emily turned and saw who took out all the soldiers.

           Standing there in the middle of the fallen group, a teenage girl, who was slightly older than Emily with long straight black hair tied towards the end and with bangs going over right eye was looking straight past Emily’s group, right at the executioners. Both her eyes were light purple and she had a wiry yet svelte figure. She also has a fair complexion and from what Emily could observe, her height looked to be little more than six feet

           She wore a black sleeveless shirt and light grey pants which were patterned as grey-black camouflage. She also has black bands on her arms near her bicep and wrist areas and as Emily noted, has an unusual sandal like footwear. They looked like sandals but had deep soles like boots and her toes only stuck out a little bit from them. They were dark navy in color, unlike her other attire. 

           One of the executioners tsked in annoyance and demanded, “I knew it would be you kids, out of everyone else! Where’s your partner? Looks like he isn’t too far away.” The other executioners bristled in annoyance as they seemingly realized who they were dealing with and drew their weapons. “Looks like they have a bad relationship with one another”, whispered Fred. Erica nodded, picking up on the cues between this tense conversation.

           No answer, but only a cocky, relaxed smile from the girl. “You think I’d be stupid to do reveal where he is? And you’re the ones who thought they could escaped undetected to North America

           Emily could only surmise that these two parties seemed to have an unfriendly history of conflicts with each other but beyond that, this was all new to her. However, something about these proceedings was making Emily feel concerned about this. She listened more intently, now wanting to see what’s going on.

           “By the way, was trying to shoot these guys down all part of your plan? If it is, you can stop it! We know about the Triton Vanguard Series so stop being hush-hush about it. And plus, you can quit the killing stuff”, the girl gestured as she pointed to Emily’s team in an investigative way. Emily frowned in concern. What plan? Did they intend to kill us from the start? Was it only us? Or is it the settlement they were after? Was it some kind of a genocide?

           The ‘executioners’ remained silent then in nearly an instant, they drew their guns and aimed it at the girl, the leader saying, “How unfortunate; you were such a nice candidate for Raven to include in his army but you just had to waste it…..didn’t you?!”

           “You guys are the only ones who are about to be wasted!” This time a male voice rang out, followed by a fast blur and a katana blade slicing through the air. The blade arched through the branches and cut down on the leaders’ shoulders, slicing through flesh and bone as it did so. The leader executioner screamed in pain and roared at the figure, drawing one of his blades out. The two blades clashed with each other incessantly as the loud clanging of the swords echoed through the forest. Then they locked their swords and stared at each other for a while. The new attacker, now a teenage boy about the same age as the girl except covered in a robe-like clothing, was holding his own against the leader.

           Then Emily heard a grunt from the leader. “You’re good, kid. But, how about now?”  The rest of the four executioners leaped at the chance, drawing their swords too. Emily gasped in horror, sure that their saviour was now going to get sliced like sushi on a platter.

           The next one to grunt was the mysterious teenage warrior. Before the leaders could react, the boy warrior dashed with shocking speed and slashed his way through the group with the blade being little more than a blur. Blood squirted out of the four, now dead, executioner leaders who fell down to the ground, their cuts slicing through their hearts. A pool of blood formed around the dead bodies as the teenage warrior walked over to the remaining survivor leader who was now on the ground, facing the sky.

           The wounded executioner then grunted, as if to mock the young mystery warrior’s victory before turning to face him in the eye. “Are you going to kill me? That would be a waste of your time,” the executioner coldly said.

           “No, I won’t. But, I will warn you: if you even try to think you can escape after the damage you have done to both TRITON headquarters as well anything intended for these guys, you have another thing coming!”

           The executioner only grunted in response and then fell silent, knowing if he does anything least bit suspicious he’ll get himself into more trouble. The young robed warrior then turned and approached Emily, Fred and Erica and then pulled all the coverings from his face. He has a handsome, round face with light blue eyes and a fairly muscular build. He also has a healthy complexion and wears a similar type of footwear that the girl has, except his were black. Emily could also see he has a scabbard where his katana blade is being held on his back and she could also see he was wearing light grey camouflage pants as well.  Though Emily didn’t admit it out-loud, she actually found this new boy a bit more handsome than Sean but didn’t want to say it in front of her team-mate. She liked the hawk-like intensity in his eyes which she found very attractive.

           The robed teenager then gave Emily and her team an apologetic smile before saying, “Sorry. We didn’t mean to get you caught up in what happened but unfortunately they’ve been on our tail too! They’ve probably mistaken you for being part of our team. By the way, the name is Harrison. Harrison Vincent” he said, reaching out to shake Emily’s hand.

           “I’m Emily. Emily Myers. We were scouting a while ago until I found my squad mates bloodied and injured. I intend to take them and you to the settlement. Anything I can do for you?” Emily was starting to really like this new guy; he definitely seems more intelligent than Sean but worried that she might be getting ahead of herself.

           “Please take us to this settlement. We’d like to get some rest”, Harrison answered, yawning in exhaustion and looking relieved about getting some rest.

           “And some privacy between us too!”, the girl said running and then tightly hugging Harrison tightly, with the latter hugging her back.  The girl went from dead serious a little while ago to almost girly and cheerful, but Emily guessed that she herself had moments like that on occasion. Not that she wants to admit it.

           Talk about being over the top, Emily thought, somewhat annoyed at the way the girl is hugging her boyfriend and acting all the while too. Am I like that?

           The girl, noticing the group in front of them, turned to them and composed herself before reaching her hand out to Emily’s. “Hi, sorry about that little act of mine. My name’s Keiana Chapman. Glad to meet you and, oh, by the way, that’s my boyfriend”, the girl said cheerfully yet somewhat apologetically.  Keiana seems to be a polite and sweet girl, yet also a bit bitchy at times and maybe cocky. From the looks of it she loves Harrison but this was all just guessing on Emily’s part and until she brings them to the council to have them questioned by her mother, she won’t know until they start talking.

           Emily sighed and looked at her team-mates, still bloodied and injured at their confrontation before the soldiers started to pursue them. She then decided to head back to the settlement to inform her mother about what happened.            Apparently, there is more to this than meets the eye.

           What in hell is going on, Emily wondered as she motioned everyone to head to the settlement, with newcomers Harrison and Keiana in tow.


Chapter 3

Amazon Rainforest,

6 Hours after the battle


           Atomic Rex got up from the river and slowly lumbered his way towards the Amazon Rainforest, a part of which was destroyed during his battle with unknown dinosaur kaiju that nearly killed it. Atomic Rex growled deep in its throat as it recalls the battle with the unknown Kaiju saurian that nearly killed both Atomic Rex and itself in the heat of the battle. Never in almost its whole existence has Atomic Rex come across a stronger creature than itself. True, there were times like that fight with the creature humans called Ogre where Atomic Rex has had a challenge but even then they didn’t come close to Atomic Rex’s strength. Even when they tried, they’d only fall victim to the mutant theropod’s powerful Atomic Pulse. The others, including the two mechs that it destroyed, did not even come close to its strength! But this new creature---no, two new creatures have now essentially threatened that title and Atomic Rex’s whole existence. Never has it seen another creature powerful enough to rival even its Atomic Pulse.

           Never has Atomic Rex felt such a struggle for survival, a struggle to retain its power over its ecosystem, over all Kaiju that preside over this new world. Now, the radioactive tyrannosaur is looking to eliminate the possible new bearers of that title…….except: where did they go?

           Atomic Rex continued for a little while, lumbering through forest while animals scattered through the forest as he thunders through the forest that the battle destroyed a part of. Then he stopped and smelled the air! The mutant theropod then turned in the northerly and gazed into that direction-----and sees a line of giant three toed footprints leading up through the landscape eventually going into Central America. Atomic Rex narrowed his eyes in determination and ferocity, letting out bloodcurdling growl as it did so.

           Now it knows where his opponent went; time for payback.

           Atomic Rex let out a thundering roar into the sky and started northward into Central America, eventually into North America. His giant feet pound the ground as he suddenly finds himself transitioning into a sprint. Atomic Rex even found itself baring its teeth at the thought of destroying its opponent. Is this the emotion that humans call excitement?

           Atomic Rex shook that thought off as it began its journey…..back to North America, it’s original home and domain… in search of its most powerful opponent.


Chapter 4


           The members of the new council sat in their seats, listening to Chris Myers’ account of their confrontation with the mysterious hovering creature down in the Amazon Rainforest. All of the other villagers, including Emily, Sea, Kyle and the newcomers, Harrison and Keiana, dared not to speak and are stunned at what the pilot of Steel Samurai 2.0. The description of the new, airborne creature, the devastation inflicted upon Atomic Rex’s new home and the wounded state of Atomic Rex  inflicted by another unknown creature that could have the power to kill the mutant theropod was chilling at its least. At its worst, the notion of it all was extremely terrifying yet a little questionable. The settlement long thought that Atomic Rex was the most powerful Kaiju in the world due to the fact that the mutant tyrannosaur single-handedly wiped out a third of a city and that Atomic Rex defeated every other True Kaiju in North America. Not to mention its various battles with the South American True Kaiju like Slaughterhouse, Innsmouth, Dipatosaurus and the gargantuan Liopleviathan.

           But to hear it wounded after a massive battle was unheard of, at least before it was. Kate, however shocked she was upon hearing this news,  had no doubt her husband was telling the truth about what he saw. But there were questions that needed to be answered.

           When Chris was finished, Kate asked, “Do you have any idea what this new kaiju might be? The one you engaged in combat, that is…”

           Chris shrugged and sighed. “As far as ideas and suggestions go, I have none. I have seen some bizarre Kaiju throughout the years and some very weird mutations but as far as this one goes…….it’s unknown. Unknown to any creature, living or extinct, that has lived on this Earth.”

           The settlement began to whisper and murmur to each other about Chris Myers’s confusion about the identity of this new creature, along with the other possible unknown Kaiju that almost killed Atomic Rex. Sean turned to Emily with a confused, concerned look on his face, knowing this information is much harder for her to swallow than himself. He is a simple guard whereas Emily was a leader, like her mom, and is much smarter when it comes to handling community issues. But he sees a look of worry grow on Emily’s face as she hears more and more of this new information and the uncertainty it is breeding. He even feels Emily shaking a bit, likely in fear. He doesn’t blame her. The notion of there being two kaiju strong enough to take out Atomic Rex, possibly killing the mutant theropod, was terrifying.


           Out of the silence, Harrison raised his hand. “I think I may know what you all are talking about---“ The settlement and council’s eyes suddenly turned to look at him, with the settlement nearly bursting in yells and demands for answers. Keiana turned to look at him with look that’s mixed between angry and worry, as if they both know something that the others don’t want to hear. But then Harrison brought her face close to his and quietly said, “This is not just our problem anymore.”

           “You can’t tell them! Those TRITON Neo guys will shoot them all! Besides, didn’t we promise Dr. Crown this is our own problem and that we should deal with it?!”, Keiana hissed,  became worrisome and impulsive.

           “But what if THAT problem suddenly intertwines with others?” Harrison countered, raising a single finger. Keiana’s stunned face suddenly melted into  understanding but still worry. “But, you knew those creatures as fri----“

           “And those creatures are going rogue! I know what you’re thinking: Do I want to do it? No….” But then he put his hand on shoulder and through her long hair. “But if it means helping others out as well as solving the problem, then wouldn’t it be worth it?”

           Keiana thought for a while, turning to face the settlement and its fearful inhabitants at the threat of another Kaiju attack.

           Sighing, Keiana gave him a nod and held his arm. “I’ll tell them too!” She then whispered close to his ear, “But don’t tell them too much, okay?”

           Smiling, Harrison nodded. He and Keiana then faced the Council.

           “Okay. We’ll give you the information we know.”




           What they told them was that the two Kaiju, one of which was observed by Chris Myers, were inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands for a while. What happened, Harrison said, was that during the fifteen years before their arrival to North America, they belonged to a hidden organization called TRITON which before the kaiju apocalypse, was one of many bases centered around black-ops and militia operations. Harrison also admitted that there was a secret lab conducting experiments with some kind of chemical compound but didn’t know what it was. However, he told them that one of the Kaiju was being kept on Kona, the Big Island, before escaping due to unknown reasons. He told them that Kaiju was a massive saurian creature similar to the Giganotosaurus from South America called Giganotohs and said that the creature was much taller and longer than Atomic Rex, nearly twice that. But, the one thing he emphasized was Giganotohs’ power which he said is terrifying even compared to Atomic Rex. He told them one time Giganotohs one time took down a massive kaiju larger than itself and killed it like it was nothing. Furthermore, Harrison said that Giganotohs uses an unknown energy very similar to nuclear radiation except it doesn’t contaminate everything around it and is almost powered by this unknown energy. Kate could hear the settlement whispering in fear and tenseness as they tried to absorb this new information.  A Kaiju even stronger than Atomic Rex using a nuclear-esque energy power that is even more powerful than radiation itself?

           Keiana was next. She told them about that assault earlier that afternoon but the only thing she told them was that they were a rogue organization that is  targeting their own and continued by saying that they were here to put an end to their activities. When questioned why, she told them that, from bits and pieces they uncovered, they suspected the rogue group had something they called “The TRITON VANGUARD Series” which they can only presume to be some kind of widespread, war-like operation of some kind but couldn’t say any further.

           After hearing about the rogue organization, Kate closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She too was getting anxious after hearing about Giganotohs and the rogue organization and these two new threats certainly posed a certain level of danger to the settlement. But, there were too many unknowns and questions to make any kind of solid decision. Questions like, Will the rogue group attack the settlement? Will Giganotohs reach North America? Will Atomic Rex feel compelled to enter North America if this Giganotohs takes over the Amazon Rainforest/River area?

           Kate then looked at Keiana. “I see. WE’ll rely on you to gather any further information concerning this rogue group. But, I’m also interested in this strange, hovering Kaiju my husband and son encountered and battled down in South America. Do you know this creature as well?”

           Keiana nodded. “Yes. That creature would be Maaleisce which also inhabited the Hawaiian Islands before go missing too and is the second Kaiju to escape. Harrison and I still don’t know where the creature came from or its exact origins but it may have ties to ancient legends of powerful, flying creatures like dragons and griffins. That’s still unknown but” ---Keiana quickly raised her right index finger----“what we do know is that it is capable of manoeuvring at great speeds and, like Captain Myers said, can shoot beams from the three appendages from its tail. Additionally, it can pierce, cut and stab things with its extremely sharp, spear-like legs and seems to possess a pseudo-intellect. This has been recorded before in instances where this creature has systematically but viciously dispatched enemies and obstacles. If Giganotohs extreme power and stamina is the yin, then Maaleisce’s precision and intellect is the yang.”

           Kate frowned in deep thought after hearing such disturbing information and fell silent for a while. “Alright then, you and Harrison are on duty to gather information….in fact, until this latest possible crisis is put to an end, you are more than welcome to stay here for the time being.”

           Harrison and Keiana nodded in thanks with a grateful smile on their faces, clearly relieved of having been

           She then turned to face the settlement and Chris who have been anxiously taking in the information. “I’d also wish to propose a new operation, Project Falcon-Eye, which will take effect in two days. It will intensify scouting operations, recon and operation projects and gathering intelligence as well as having Steel Samurai 2.0 on alert in case Giganotohs and Maaleisce come up the Pacific Coast. There is also the distinct possibility that Atomic Rex will have sights set on the Western Coast too so that’ll be among our top priorities as well.” She nodded to Chris, asking if he’ll be able to do it.

           Chris gave her a reassuring smile and nodded in readiness. Ever since his arrival back from South America, he has been shocked at the two young newcomers but is relieved to see that someone has any knowledge of what these two Kaiju were and the rogue group somehow in tandem with them. When they first introduced themselves to him, he was initially surprised to see another group of humans far away from the continent making the trip over to here but found it understandable given the circumstances. At the same time, he sees that Emily is starting to become interested in Harrison but Chris clearly sees that Keiana is Harrison’s girlfriend and if Emily didn’t tell Sean about her feelings for Harrison, then everything would go to hell. Despite that, he had trust in his daughters self-control and yet, he still wants to talk this over with Kate after.

           An air of reluctant relief came over the settlement as they left the council, Chris, the Myers family and the two newcomers to deal with. Even in the quiet silence, they could feel the anxiety building up as the thoughts of Giganotohs and Maaleisce, the rogue team as well as Atomic Rex making its way up from South America is chilling.

           While on their way to their house, Chris looked at Kate and said, “What do you think about the new-comers? Harrison and Keiana, I mean.” Kate turned to look at her husband and gave a small smile. “I think they’re welcome here and they would be excellent additions to our community. Why do you ask?”

           Chris shrugged. “Don’t know. For some reason, I have a feeling they’re hiding something from us. Didn’t you find their stories a little short of details?” 

           Kate could see that her husband didn’t entirely trust Harrison and Keiana and truth be told, she felt in some ways the same thing. Even during the Council meeting, they both had an cryptic aura when giving out the information and were quite reluctant to give out anything more. However, Harrison did say that this rogue group, apparently called TRITON NEO, was following their trail and was more than likely stalking them so Kate imagined them being naturally cautious. Even so, they both agreed to keep a watchful eye over the new teenage warriors that are going to be staying in the camp.

           “Hey, get yourself off him!” Kate and Chris turned and almost chuckled to see Emily flirting with Harrison with Keiana trying to get her off of her own boyfriend.  Harrison, on the other hand, has a mortified look on his face as he tries to calm things down between the girls but is not having much luck. Chris couldn’t help but grin in annoyance yet sentiment as he remembers the few times girls fought over him. Kate was shaking her head in irritation and had her left hand covering her face, wondering if it was really a good idea to let this happen.

           Keiana looked frustrated as she tried to take Harrison away from Emily who is just as pretty as herself. Part of this was personal; Keiana’s  original birth family were killed off when a mutated bipedal, Galapagos tortoise Kaiju named Torterron smashed through their house, killing everyone but herself. The only other thing she remembers other than years of loneliness and isolation was when she first met Harrison. Not only was he a good friend and boyfriend, she also saw him as the only other family she has. Despite this, she admits she can get a little carried away with certain things. This was one of them.

           “Why? He’s quite a hunk and besides, there are plenty of other handsome guys in the settlement!” That’s when Keiana grabbed Harrison’s right arm and tried to flirt him, saying things like “Come on sweetie! We haven’t been alone for a while…” while Emily was trying to coax him to spend the night with her.

Harrison looked to Kyle who was tagging along behind them and gave a embarrassed smile. “Can you help me? I have no idea how to handle this…”

For a moment, it look like Kyle was going to help. He said: “Yeeeeeeaahhh---- no thanks! Have fun though!”

The only thing Harrison said afterwards was “WHHAAAAT?!” before everyone cracked up and stepped inside into the Myers home. Emily slipped a whisper into Keiana’s ear and winked. Keiana only smirked back and giggled with Emily giving out a smile of genuine helpfulness and friendly. For a moment, the two looked at each other and burst giggling. Emily never really had a good friend in terms of “girl friend” because of her duties and tasks dealing with Ramrod and her team. The world of Kaiju was rarely merciful and she had to be on top of things constantly even at a young age so she never really knew friends in this way. Keiana gave her that kind of warmth inside and despite her intuition that they’ll have a rivalry over Harrison, it is their friendship she is looking forward to.

           Before Keiana settled in, wished Harrison goodnight with the other replying the same and with a hug, they closed the doors for the night. But on everyone’s minds, they all thought about TRITON NEO, Maaleisce and Giganotohs as well as Atomic Rex who may or may not be entering into North America.

           What they didn’t know is that the unexpected was not too far away.


Chapter 5


Lake Tahoe,

California/Nevada border,

Same time (8: 57 pm)


           The moonlight gleamed and glistened off the calm waters of Lake Tahoe as the waves slowly crashed onto the beaches and shores dotting around the fairly large lake. In the forest to the southern shore, a herd of huge, mutated deer bounded and thundered their way through forest, trees, foliage and fallen trees towards the shoreline to take a drink from the waters. The one at the front, the leader, was the first one to head to the shore while the others followed closely behind. The leader was a large buck with a strange set of antlers that looked almost like a mane going down its neck, sharp points stick out of its hide and blunt face that made it look more monster than a deer. Nevertheless, the leader was a very cautious and surprisingly observant mutation and always had an eye out for danger, especially in this location and at this time of day.

           This whole lake was patrolled by an aquatic pseudo-Kaiju people have called “Tessiteras”, a mutated variation of a species of lake cryptid popularly known as “Tahoe Tessie” thought to have gone extinct during the kaiju apocalypse. What was shocking is that instead of killing the cryptid creature, it mutated it into what some people a ‘pseudo-Kaiju’, or a mutation that is between most other mutations and the True Kaiju in terms of power and size. Tessiteras is one of very few such creatures and even mutation standards, it was aggressive unlike its un-mutated ancestors. Tessiteras is known to mini-tsunami’s and rogue waves and, according to some eyewitnesses, the mutant lake monster even has a “Sonic Bellow” which can shatter anything solid within 2 miles of its location. Everything in between that is also destroyed but Tessiteras’ most deadly ability is speed and lighting fluidity when swimming through the water. If an unlucky or foolish creature wanders out into the water, the massive undulating creature will torpedo through the water and bite the preys neck, making it lose copious amounts of blood. Then the creature will crush the neck with its coils and similar to pythons, unhinge its jaw and swallow the prey whole. Though fewer in number, there have been times when Tessiteras ambushes prey drinking from the water like a crocodile hunting zebra or other animals drinking from the water. In short, Tessiteras is currently the emperor of Lake Tahoe and woe to those who come into its path.

           The leader deer mutant looked at the waters and scanned to see if anything was swimming in the waters. Its ears listened for any sign of Tessiteras’ presence, the slightest splash or bellow off the depths of the lake or any audible noise that might be the giant lake mutation swimming around. Nothing. Not even a mutant fish is jumping out of the water.

           Slowly and cautiously, the leader took a sip into the water and started to drink more as the others began to form around the leader as they enjoyed their evening drink.

           Then, one massive hump emerged from the water briefly then disappeared. Then two humps. Then three humps. Without warning, a huge domed wave surged towards the deer herd with incredible speed and the huge waves crashed into the forest and small island, trees and mud browning the water as the giant creature torpedoed through. By the time, the leader deer saw what was happening it was snatched into the jaws of the great lake leviathan as its herd rushed back into the forest. The mutated deer bellowed in pain and tried to squirm itself free of the huge jaws of the pseudo-Kaiju. Then the last thing it heard was a sickening crunch in its neck as it fell limp from the coils of the mutated serpent.


           Tessiteras took a chunk of the dear meat and threw its head up in the air and swallowed the piece of flesh. The massive serpentine creature was over 69 meters long and about 49 meters tall with long tail that had fin-like appaendage at the end. It had lizard-like legs with fin-like feet that allowed the mutant lake monster to drag itself on to land in case a particular prey tried to escape. It’s eyes were blank and shone a bright neon blue through the darkness and had a slender, plesiosaur-like head with spikes protruding from the back. The whole creature was colored dark blue with neon blue stripes across its body. It was the kaiju lake creatures attitude that made it as fearsome as it was. Whenever it smelled or sensed a challenge from another mutant, it would bellow and fight it to the death.

           And right now, it was definitely sensing something approaching it in the water, deep in Lake Tahoe’s murky depths. Tessiteras growled in fury at the thought of a mutant unceremoniously entering its domain and dove underneath the water to see what it was.

           Moments later, the entire lake surface erupted as Tessiteras roared and lashed out at the unknown attacker digging its claws into the mutant lake serpents neck. Then the full view of its assailant came into view. A huge, Giganotosaurus-like Kaiju with thick, armoured plates and 3 rowed spikes going its back and a tail tipped with a 3-spike tip shaped a bit like a trident. It also had glowing amber eyes which gave off a furious aura that even Tessiteras couldn’t match. Then the Giganotosaur kaiju dug its claws further into Tessiteras’ neck. Tessiteras shrieked in fury and coiled its tail around the saurian Kaiju’s throat. The saurian gave out a growling groan as it felt the coils of the giant mutant serpent tighten with every struggling inch. Tessiteras narrowed its eyes, feeling victory coming to it.

           That is, until it felt the yellow glow coming off the Giganotosaur kaiju’s spikes and onto its skin before a blast of yellow energy seared through its skin. Out of the saurian beasts mouth came a yellow, tri-energy beam that burst out closely together and blasted through Tessiteras’ right shoulder, cutting its shoulder and arm off. Tessiteras shrieked in agony and bit down the dinosaurian Kaiju’s neck, trying to wound it. Then it saw the yellow glow again, except this time it could feel the intense heat and the energy becoming like flames on the Giganotosaur giants spikes. In desperation, Tessiteras called forth the  power it always used when winning and out came his Sonic Bellow. The intense shockwave of the roar tore through the area around them, trees flying everywhere, water turning huge rogue waves, crashing onto the shores and even animals burst out like blood piñatas when the sound overpowered their ears.

           But, the dinosaur-like kaiju wasn’t affected and once more, it blasted the lake monster mutant with another tri-beam. The last thing Tessiteras saw was the tri-beam, all yellow and intense, beaming through its chest.

           Tessiteras didn’t feel anything, not even a little bit.


           Giganotohs dropped the corpse of the giant mutant lake beast onto the shore and turned in the direction of that exact humming sound in the air above it. While the giant lake serpent put up a good fight and was pretty strong for a mutant, it still wasn’t powerful enough to defeat Giganotohs in a match of brute strength. It may have been king in the water and it may have been the strongest mutant in Lake Tahoe area, but now Giganotohs was the victor and every mutant within close range of the battle now kept their distance from the Giganotosaur kaiju.

           Soon, the humming came closer and Giganotohs raised his head upwards towards the sky. Out of the clouds came a hovering creature with a body like a seahorse/horse cross, long spearhead-like points and red glowing orb-like organs on its body. As well as that, a long tail curved downwards into three appeandages with pincer-like beam shooting things and a bony seahorse-ish skull head. On its svelte body was silvery, sharp point and segmented armoured plating on its legs transitioning into the spearhead points adorned as feet. On the back, energy wings sprouted from the bony protrusions sticking out from its back, glowing neon blue and red. Giganotohs grunted in annoyance and familiarity, as if saying “Oh great, you again!”  

           It was Maaleisce. It didn’t exactly have the best of interactions with the strange, hovering creature but they had an uneasy truce with one another and they fact they escaped from their island for individual reasons. Giganotohs wanted to fight the powerful creature humans called Atomic Rex wheras Maaleisce…….had something else in mind. Something much more than just sheer pleasure in brutality but something along the lines of a grudge!   

           Maaleisce floated down to the ground with a gentle yet kaiju-sized thud which shook the ground and communicated to Giganotohs in a series clicks and whale-like moans. Giganotohs growled back in annoyance, wanting to eat its kill. Maaleisce, however, click-click-clicked back at the Giganotosaurus kaiju in a questioning way; Giganotohs snarled back but relented before turning towards the east.

Maaleisce moaned back at Giganotohs, as if questioning his next move.

Giganotohs roared back. If he was human, his answer would be translated to “To wait for my opponent who is coming to me!”. With that, Giganotohs turned and lumbered through the forest, leaving the corpse of Tessiteras on shore for the other mutants to kill.

           When Giganotohs was out of sight, Maaleisce turned into the northwest direction and flew off into the direction of Washington state, in search of those who injured it and experimented on it. This time, the wrath of Maaleisce has now extended to the west coast. And nothing will stop its wrath.



----- END OF PART 1-----







Chapter 6



          Harrison ducked as Chris threw a backhand strike to his temple area, only for the latter to counter with a right leg sweep to the inside of Chris’ knee area. Swiftly, the mech pilot dodged it and threw a low, strong sidekick at Harrison’s chest area. Harrison dodged the attack and leapt towards Chris with shocking agility. The next thing Chris knew, a knife-hand strike towards his eyes blurs and then a powerful thrust to his gut from Harrison blasted the experienced soldiers chest. Chris bent over a bit. In all of his years as a trained soldier, Chris has never seen a young person, aside from his own daughter, managed to take him on as well this young man. Bagged as he was, Chris admitted to himself. This kid has serious fighting skills!

          Panting and sweating like a waterfall, Chris looked up at Harrison. The young man was not as bagged, but he was still sweating a fair amount and his face was beet red. Even so, he refused to let go of his concentration and awareness, or kamae as he liked to say. Harrison was currently in low stance with hands posed in a knife-hand position with his upper body turned mostly to the side.

          Both of them were dressed in combat suits that resembled a loose soldier outfit. They had tank-tops on and wore camouflage pants that were tightened above the heels.

          Chris raised himself from the bent position to looking at the young man, eye to eye. This was a test. A test Chris came up with himself. While Kate was a little more open, Chris wanted to see what the two young adults were like in skill, personality and as people. He did admit that he may have been too paranoid or scrutinizing towards the young newcomers, but even so he wanted to keep an eye out. That means testing their abilities and skills to make sure that if they suddenly betray the settlement, he knows full well what to expect and counter.

          Chris sighed, a self mocking smile forming on his face. So far, Keiana and Harrison have been quite good towards the settlement and have helped them with community-based activities such as helping other people do difficult tasks, looking after a few children and providing assistance to Kate with gathering information on TRITON Neo and their activities.  So far, they’ve been great to the settlement and the reception to the two new ‘members’ from the community has been quite warm. Despite that, there have been settlement members who came up to Chris and said they heard suspicious utterings from Keiana and Harrison.  And the threat of TRITON Neo as well as Giganotohs and Maaleisce, remains a large anxiety to the majority of the settlement.

          Chris shook himself from that thought and looked at Harrison. “Very good! I’m honestly surprised you are able to keep up with me. Of course, Keiana would be cheering for you right now!”

          Harrison smiled back and relaxed, knowing the training for today is finished. “Hey, I only made it because of a great instructor and practice!” Then Harrison’s face turned serious and looked towards the mountains, concern reigning supreme for a minute.

          “What’s wrong?,” Chris asked, noting the mood shift. “You seem like you’re worried about something.”

          Harrison replied, “Yeah. Look, I really can’t lie to you or Mrs. Meyers so I guess I’ll just say it.” What Harrison told Chris is that since he and Keiana been targeted by TRITON NEO and they’ve escaped to the mainland, he has felt uncomfortable leaving Keiana alone and insisted having her close to him at all times. He said that on more than one occasion, Keiana got annoyed by this and gave Harrison hell about it. And as he told Chris, lately, he was starting to think that she may have been right. She was a competent fighter and soldier and can, by all means, take care of herself. He wondered aloud that maybe he was taking things too far in terms of being close together all the time. At first, it just seemed practical to do so given the situation they were both in….but now.

          “Maybe I was just being selfish and uncaring about how she feels, and that I may have hurt her feelings. What do you think,” Harrison said in a sad yet contemplative tone, his eyes in a crossed state of sadness and seriousness. Harrison’s head slightly bowed down and he gave out a sigh.

          Chris now understood. Before they trained, Kate asked Keiana to ‘bodyguard’ Emily and her team while they scout the site of the attack for clues to see if the rogue TRITON Neo was still in the area. He didn’t know if Kate noticed, but he saw Harrison tensing up in shock, eyes widening like a hawks. Even when he gave a hug, a “see-you-later” hug, he still had that look in his eyes. Keiana reassured him everything would be alright. Chris’ face softened. He understood how Harrison felt. When he and Kate were down in South America, trying to draw Atomic Rex down south, Kate got kidnapped by Yukon, the giant mutated Yeti that stomee its way up Antarctica, seeking revenge against Armoursaur  for the murder of its family. Chris remembered those feelings of anxiety and worry penetrating his heart strings and the relief of finding his wife, unharmed and alive.

          He walked over to Harrison and put a hand on his shoulder with a confident smile. “I’m sure everything will be alright, kiddo!”

          They both chuckled. Despite what misgivings he had about Keiana and Harrison, they really were beautiful young adults---in personality and in looks.

          “I hope Emily and Keiana don’t fight over me again! I’d rather take a kaiju than two girls hell-bent on making me their own!” Harrison said, with a tired smiled. “Not that I don’t like girls but, come on, a guy can only handle so much ‘girlness’ smothering him before he finds himself planning an escape! ”

          Chris suppressed a chuckle. These fights happen somewhat often but are usually out of sight, usually quite friendly and where no one can see or hear what’s going on. More than once, Harrison broke up the fight by giving a promise along the lines of, “Okay, here’s the deal….”, usually going out with Keiana more than Emily. On the contrary, Emily and Keiana have become good friends and in fact, are an excellent team when not fighting over Harrison. Sean was far too busy with his guarding duties to take any notice but he and Harrison had chats about which girl to date, what to do, etc. Harrison completely and quickly agreed to those conditions, much to the girls’ comical disapproval!

          Chris was about to say, “That’s it for todays practice”, when he heard a series of faint thundering sounds coming from the mountains. He and Harrison both turned to the direction of mountains…..where Keiana and Emily are currently at.



          Keiana could see the trees shaking as each consecutive thundering noise rumbled through the foliage and soil of the lush, green forest. A flock of birds suddenly bolted into the air and began flying in the opposite direction, squawking and chirping all around them. A squirrel suddenly ran in front of them and darted up a nearby tree hole, burying itself from the danger that would soon come. A herd of deer ran into the deep brush and beyond, sensing a danger that is literally coming towards them with every step. The woods fell silent. Nothing, not even a cricket, fly or mosquito, was heard zipping in the air.

          Keiana’s eyes widened and she began to sweat in terror, just grasping what is going on. She hasn’t felt this much terror since her childhood but she knew it was a kaiju coming their way and from her reaction, it left with little doubt that it one of the two they warned the settlement about. But which one was it, Maaleisce or Giganotohs?

          Emily came up beside her, her eyes looking around the think brush of the woods they were currently in, which is the same spot where Emily first met Keiana and the TRITON Neo team---at least a part of it! From the clues they discovered thus far, which consisted of torn clothing bits, footprints and good handful of bones, Emily, Keiana and the team came to the conclusion that this was only a small sector of the large and unpredictable group. It was just after Emily decided to split up that Keiana heard the rumbling sound echoing through the forest.

          Equally as shocked as her rival/friend, Emily looked with wide eyes as she tried look through the thick trees and branches. The team came up shortly after and they both listened. As it came closer, the alamrm bell within each member started to reach a fever pitch.

One rumbling, obviously a footstep.  

Then a second rumbling, this time much closer and clearer.

          Then, an eerie, hovering sound was heard overhead.  It reverberated through the forest, casting a strange feeling over the small group. Keiana, slightly trembling and trying to keep herself together, reached for one of her knife weapons. Emily raised a hand to her, signalling them to calm down. A soon as she did that, a shadow was cast over them; everyone froze in sheer shock, fright and anxiety. Keiana looked up.

          It was Maaleisce, with a piercing look in its eyes.  


          Maaleisce looked at the small group of humans with a cold, analytical stare. Hovering above the tree tops, the floating kaiju scrutinized them before raising its head in satisfaction. These were not the humans that it was hunting but it knows that they were here at one point. The smell of their corruption, violence and cruelty was more than for Maaleisce to count on, for no other human agency could have humiliated and harmed as much as it experienced. It then looked at the human girl with the long dark hair and a warm look came into its eyes. Even though Maaleisce wasn’t a social creature, it also didn’t mind having friends or allies. And this human girl it had a particular fondness of. It landed on the ground with a thunderous yet soft thud, dust and debris from the forest floor jumping from its arrival. It could see the humans backing away as it leaned towards the black haired female. It stopped a few meters from her and held her in its eyes as it fondly looks at her. The human girl smiled back and breathed a sigh of relief. It felt her hand gently touch its bony, curved snout. Maaleisce let out a happy, whale-like sound with the human girl chuckling happily.

          It then heard her let out a sound, which to humans would be, “Why are you here? Why have you and Gigantohs escaped from the island?”

          As if on cue, Maaleisce heard in the distance a small group moving through the forest and it raised its head looked at that direction. It’s eyes once again became cold and angry as it knew who the group was. With a speed that shocked even the human girl, it lifted into the air and took off towards the sound.


Keiana, shocked at what transpired, suddenly gasped in realization. If Maaleisce was chasing after someone or something, then that means---

          “They’re heading towards the settlement!” Without questioning, Emily turned to her team and barked an order at them to head towards the position of the rogue group heading towards the settlement. With that, all of them began blitzing through the bush and down towards the truck, hoping to cut them off with a vehicle. While doing this, Keiana prayed that this won’t come down to an ugly conclusion.


          Maaleisce menacingly scanned the forest for a visual clue on the team but couldn’t find anything even with its enhanced vision and senses. Despite this, the kaiju continued to soar through the air with vicious velocity and determination, willing all the more to rid the world of this personal menace. As it passed over a mountain, it saw the group: dressed in black, all holding guns in a typical soldier pose with three individuals leading them. One of them Maaleisce was particularly hateful towards was the very front. A masculine figure with a short-cut black hair, with sharp eyebrows and a hawk-like gaze, wearing a black trench-coat like uniform with a triton symbol on the back, lead the group…..towards what is called by humans as the settlement!

          Maaleisce narrowed its eyes. If there humans inhabiting that civilized area, then to hell with how many casualties it will cause. Damn all destruction that it will leave in its wake. It’s time for these varmints---TRITON Neo---to be put down.

          Just as the group reached the town and began to open fire on the community, Maaleisce headed straight for the town, intending to land with a very destructive landing.

Chapter 7


          “Where the hell did they come from?” yelled Chris as he and Harrison darted out of their training space into the streets. All around them people screamed as they ran from the rain of gunshots storming down the street. A couple of buildings exploded from a few, unseen explosive shells and debris rained down from above. It all came so suddenly but as soon as Harrison heard the footsteps, he heard unidentified commands coming from outside the settlement and afterwards, the air was punctured by the noise of guns firing into the streets.

          Harrison, seeing the rogue troops and leaders, became all white. Then he had an idea! He turned to Chris and yelled, “Go to Kate! I can handle the rest of these freaks!” Chris turned to him with a look that said, “Are you insane!?” Harrison replied with a frown that went something like “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” At that moment,     Chris saw what Harrison was implying.

          Looking out for the settlement, Chris thought. “Okay, but don’t kill them. Only defeat them---however you can!”

          Harrison said nothing and nodded with a solemn look spreading across his face. Chris turned and ran into the alleyways, gathering survivors and commanding others to head where it is safe.


          Harrison snapped his head to face the oncoming march of TRITON Neo troops, the trident-shaped symbols clear on the soldiers’ right chest area while the three leaders at the front have them on their backs, enlarged and brighter than the ones on the back. But it wasn’t the soldiers behind the leaders that held his disgusted and infuriated attention. And it wasn’t the two leaders at the back that made him even angrier yet shocked than he already is.

          It was the man in the front that held his angered attention like a vice onto a finger that it hated so much. The man was 6 foot 3, with a strong lean build and a diamond-shaped head. His hair short-cut and shiny black with eyebrows that kind of look like Spocks from Star Trek, except not as sharp an angle and his eyes were unnaturally light blue. He had strong built shoulders and most notably, has a basilisk like gaze that looked like it can drop someone just by looking at them. He was dressed in a black trench-coat like uniform with soldier like pants going down to the ankles. The jacket was jet black with a light blue running around the edges and his hands were covered in gloves that had a steel strip going across the knuckle area. The man’s boots were also black but instead had a dark coral-red color around the top of them. At the back of the man’s jacket, a sword much like a katana rests and at his sides were two holsters that held larger than hand-guns. Harrison didn’t need anyone telling him: this man was deadly in every aspect.

          The man saw Harrison and gave venomous smile, showing his teeth, many of which were replaced with steel replacements. “Well, now, who do we have here? Dr. Crown’s favourite apprentice…..who would have imagined him here, in this isolated community? What are the chances! Isn’t that so, Harrison or “Hawk”?’

          “I can’t say that I’m pleased to see you,” Harrison icily replied. “Especially after your team got Keiana and I into this situation. Are you the reason why Maaleisce and Giganotohs are acting the way they have been? It’s useless hiding secrets anymore…..Raven!”

          The man----Raven--- only smiled in reply.  As far as Harrison could conjecture, there is a high probability that Raven’s team is not only responsible for the assault on Keiana and himself as well as the current invasion of the settlement, but also for other things. Things that have happened before even this happening…..possibly many more, but Harrison also guessed, based on Raven’s response, that his enemy probably isn’t the one to indulge answering questions either.

          Harrison took a deep breath and went into fighting stance, signalling to Raven his intention.

          Raven chuckled, amused at the teenagers response. “You know, you have always been the one to jump into action without thinking. That has always been your biggest flaw.”

          “We won’t know until we start our----“

          A giant thud crashed into the Earth, sending debris into the air, sharp stake-like pieces of wood shooting through the air and impaling those who cannot escape it fast enough. Huge, rock like debris smashed into the soldiers and tumult rattled through the streets. In the midst of it all, a strange, hovering sound was heard. All the soldiers looked and aimed their weapons towards the strange sound. Raven turned and looked to the leaders and nodded. The two commanders raised hand signal and pointed towards the direction of the sound.

          Raven turned to Harrison and smiled to the latter, which was white in shock and horror. “And we won’t know until who begins to fight. Isn’t that right, Maaleisce?”


          The kaiju Maaleisce looked around the settlement, piercing the area with a sharp, hawk-like gaze before bullets began to rain upwards towards the strange leviathan. It swiftly turned in the direction of the bullets and saw the troops, leaders as well the man not too far away. With a vicious swing, it fired a volley of energy balls towards the army of varmints firing at it. The energy weapons missed their marks and hit various other parts. Hissing in frustration, it lifted into the air and rocketed towards the troops before landing with a vicious strike to the soldiers. The small creatures dove from the impact point and scattered into the streets, hiding in multiple places and firing again. The stinging sensation of the bullets to the creatures fleshy part was irritating and Maaleisce retaliated by swinging one its spear-like limbs around to hit the soldiers. The pointed limb smashed an entire half a block of that settlement and obliterated the area where a group of soldiers were hiding. Out of the debris of that, a couple blood splatters smeared the walls and ground, the corpses mangled and buried underneath chunks of building. Sensing another group from behind, its tail appendages shot out and cracked the soldiers like kaiju-sized whips, except also cutting them more in half.  Maaleisce suddenly brought its two front claws together and poured its energy into a wide space between those claws. The glowing orbs on its tail and chest plates glowed and glowed brighter until they reached a fever pitch and the brightness of the glow temporarily blocked out the sun. In just a few seconds, a bright amber energy ball was formed. Maaleisce narrowed its eyes in pleasure, now feeling the satisfaction it so desperately seeks and looked for so long. With a massive swing of its spear-like pincers and screeching an ear-bleeding shriek, it released the energy ball, barrelling into various buildings before hitting one of the larger structures. A massive, domed explosion shot out of that point and from it, a shockwave that knifed through the air, sending even more debris flying.

          Maaleisce then sensed the one it wanted to kill the most just behind it. And turned to see the diamond-faced, short-haired man walking towards through the tumult and destruction it was creating.


          Raven looked at the beast laying unintentional waste to the settlement and smiled in twisted approval. Before his organization decided to branch from the island base, he has always thought of Maaleisce as the perfect weapon to achieve his goals. Dr. Crown only thoughto f him as an unfortunate creature in need of help but not to Raven. Oh no, Raven thought to himself. This creature is something much more. He turned to see Harrison look at the creature and calling out to it by name. Why did that child have a bond with this creature, Raven disgustingly mused, as if the word “bond” had a vile, disgusting taste to it.

          He turned to Maaleisce and put his four fingers on his temple as he said, “Let’s see if my experimentation has worked!”



          Emily, Keiana and the team-members jumped out of the truck just in time to avoid a piece of burning wood hurtling past them. The past hour or so had been extremely confusing and fast=paced as Emily tried to radio in to the settlement, trying to gleam more information. All she got were disparate words like “monster”, “invading army”, “chaos” and more words without context or background. Despite this, she managed to figure that this meant bad news for the settlement. As Emily observed, she turned pale white at the sight of Maaleisce proceeding to destroy the settlement and the shots from the Triton-NEO fighters as they proceed to destroy what little is remaining.

          Keiana ran up beside and said, “There’s something with Maaleisce’s eyes! Look!” Emily quickly glanced at Keiana, who has a “God-no!” look on her face, and looked back up at the creature. The hovering entitys eyes are now completely glowing white with malice, malignancy and yet, strong reluctance. Emily could see her friend and ‘rival” is barely holding it together. Sadness, anger and determination is leaking out of Keiana as if a vicious torrent of water was contained in a weak pipe, ready to break out at any minute.  Yet Emily could also see she is reacting as if she fondly knows this creature and is concerned for its well-being.

          Something which almost unheard in North America; since she was a little girl, her parents told her that kaiju were destructive creatures brought about by mankind’s careless use of nuclear weaponry. They describe these creatures as uncaring, inhuman, aggressive and extremely territorial as well as their terrifying, destructive prowess. Emily remembered the horrific story about how her mother and several other women were captured by Ogre, held captive and killing them off whenever they tried to escape as well as how she was rescued by her father. She also recalls to this day the story how her father drew in the True Kaiju into each others territory and how hard life was back when before her Dad made that risky decision. Despite the stories, she had always been told that a kaiju always meant trouble and that it was to be treated as such. But a kaiju that might have some redeeming qualities was something that bordered on something that didn’t exist, at least to the settlement.

          She put a comforting hand on Keiana’s shoulder. Keiana looked at her, not expecting this unexpected display of comfort. Emily wasn’t too sure what to think about this possible connection between Keiana and Maaleisce…..but, she didn’t have time to think about that now. There are people to save and enemies to defeat.

          Emily said to Keiana, “Concentrate your skills on fighting the enemies for now. We’ll find a way to get rid of whatever influence is controlling Maaleisce later.”

          Keiana paused and with confident smile, nodded. Then she said, “Sure, race you there!”


          Maaleisce was struggling to keep control of its own body and tried to vehemently to redirect its energy from solely destroying the settlement to killing TRITON-Neo. It could feel anger coursing through its body like a hot rush of fire into a devastating jet of flames, wanting to give its opponent Hell for what they’ve done. All of this went against what Maaleisce wanted to achieve and more importantly what its friend told it.

          Without it knowing, its arm swung out swiftly yet in a possessed manner into a building where a bunch of people were hiding. It could hear the screams of agony cutting into its morals like a rain of katana swords. It felt its stomach sicken with the thought of it being controlled to kill people it doesn’t even want to kill is disgusting and now it only wants to kill those small creatures even more. For the first, Maaleisce felt a feeling that made its otherwise cold heart tremble. There was nothing it could do except to be a toy for this twisted, little---

          Then just before it landed another strike, it felt a presence. A familiar presence roaring at him from behind, telling it to snap out of this cruel trance and start fighting against this opposing strength!

          With every ounce of its free-will and raw strength, Maaleisce turned towards the back and now, seeing through the blinding white that covered its eyes, it looked at the source of the roar. Glowing spikes, a Giganotosaur head and a fierce stare met the eyes of Maaleisce. For the first time ever, it felt what humans would call a sense of relief.

          It was Giganotohs, here to do Maaleisce’s job and finish what it had started.


          Giganotohs turned to look at several small yells coming from both left and right sides. It growled as a bunch of TRITON-Neo soldiers lined up to fire on command, undoubtedly waiting to blast holes into the beast. Standing in the wreckage of what has been destroyed, Giganotohs looked at Maaleisce again and hissed something to the possessed creature. Then, as the glowing white faded away Maaleisce took off in the southern direction…..to take care of something else coming this way.

          With a quick swing of its arms, Giganotohs slashed at the soldiers with vicious intent and deadly accuracy. The first ones exploded into a bloody mess staining the walls and already debris-filled ground. The other soldiers retaliated by firing a volley of rocket launchers at the beast. Giganotohs only sneered at the foolish primates and fired a single yellow beam at those who were unlucky to be caught in the open. The force of the beam pounded into the Earth like a torpedo going a million miles per hour and absolutely devastated all that were caught in the blast. Moments later, the blast turned into a shockwave that rippled through the area and ripped boulder-sized chunks from the Earth into the air. Within minutes, a small crater formed around Giganotohs and the area become desolate. Giganotohs, satisfied with happened to the stupid soldiers, only gazed out of the clouds of tumult with glowing, amber eyes.

          If Giganotohs were to talk, he would say, “Who’s next?!” When he heard the rest of the invasion force coming towards the giant giganotosauroid kaiju which destroyed their fleet, it was their turn to flee in terror.



Chapter 9


          Chris hurried over to the Council, guiding as many survivors to the commune while avoiding harm any way he could. Though his body felt fatigued from his urgent, frantic haste, he still could not ignore the fact the survivors needed someone to keep them on their feet during desperate times. Many of the survivors were quite shocked from the outburst of unwarranted aggression from the rogue army, others traumatized and frightened of the situation and the intruders. The rest were severely injured and many were on the brink of death. Because of what has happened to the settlement, he wasted no time in gathering as many people, injured or not, to the council.

          Chris looked uneasily back past the people, towards where sounds of gunfire and screaming are heard. He frowned when he remembered what Harrison said to him, about how he can take care of the army.  There was an unusually high sense of confidence in what Harrison said and even though the young man was frightened, even horrified, at what was happening, he did not choose the flight option. Instead, he chose to fight the army with little more than a pair of pants, maybe a few knives and just his bare fists. Chris wasn’t sure why he felt unsure or uneasy about it, but Harrison was no ordinary young man.

          Sure, he can fight¸ Chris thought as he grimly went through various scenarios and outcomes in his head. But, can he really fight an army of that magnitude and skill?

          “Honey, over here!”, Kate’s voice yelled as they came closer to the Council. Chris snapped out of his thoughts and looked to see Kate in the doorway, ushering him and the remaining survivors into the council’s underground area. Chris smiled and felt his eyes fog up. Thank god, she’s safe, Chris smiled---then quickly froze. But, where is Emily and the others?!

          “Kate, where is Emily and Keiana?!” He saw Kate momentarily freeze before shouting an order to spot the girls as Chris and the others rushed into the Council area before an explosion hit a nearby building. Chunks of debris flew towards Kate as she tried to duck before the quicker, fiery debris closed in on her. Chris eyes widened and for a moment, dropped everything and dashed towards Kate to shield her from the debris.

          A huge, shadowy clawed hand crashed onto the ground just 15 feet away from Kate and Chris, stopping the debris in mid-air. The chunks of burning building tumbled onto the ground, beside the massive, clawed hand.

          Everyone stood stunned at what happened; a kaiju creature saving two humans, purposefully and without any hint of destructive lust in them? Chris and Kate stood agape as they realized what just happened. Chris then let out a tiny gasp as he reached for his gun as noticed the kaiju was Giganotohs. What’s even more is that, even though he might be seeing things, he swears he saw a bit of emotion in there.


          Giganotohs looked down at the man and woman it saved from the hell-shower of debris and lifted its left, clawed hand from the ground. It quickly turned to its right to see a two, large groups of TRITON-Neo soldiers, splitting up and surrounding the Council area. Giganotohs growled. It guessed the filthy primates would target a commune like this; it would be short work them, killing everyone or most of them at once!

          Sparing no hesitation, the Giganotosaur kaiju suddenly jumped onto its forelimbs and hurled towards the soldiers who were slow in getting into position. It’s jaws closed shut around their bodies and their shrieks echoed through the quiet, apocalyptic scene. Encouraged by this, Giganotohs followed up with a large slash to the right and after that, an open-hand slam onto the soldiers, too stunned; the dinosaur kaiju let out a roar in satisfaction.  Giganotohs turned and frowned at the surviving soldiers with a sense of superiority.  

          Suddenly a shout pierced the air and multiple shots were fired at Giganotohs which only causally blocked it with its tail. With a smooth swift motion, Giganotohs snapped its tail and connected hard to the soldiers. The mutated Giganotosaurus was only beginning to have fun when it felt a startling presence nearby. It turned and looked---its eyes widened!

          It was the young man called Harrison with a strange look in its eyes. In fact, they weren’t his eyes at all.

          They were like Maaleisce’s!  


Chapter 10


          Emily and Keiana ran through the empty streets, dodging falling debris from the destroyed buildings and avoiding contact from TRITON NEIO. She and her team had a hell of a time trying to avoid being toasted by any of TRITON-Neos soldiers and it was made even harder when Maaleisce intervened. The good thing is that Maaleisce held the rogue army off for as long as it did, allowing the group to race through the emptier streets that had not been shattered or destroyed by the twisted organization to safety. The downside is that while doing so, they saw a lot of upsetting scenes which made Keiana almost break down several times. Emily didn’t blame her. The carnage this rogue army had caused was unwarranted and unforgivable. In fact, according the Council, this was most definitely a war-related crime and the only punishment worthy of such a vile act is death. Whatever happens, Emily made sure to get to the Council to get all of this crap dealt with professionally, swiftly and promptly.  And she was hell-bent on making sure everyone in the settlement was safe and making TRITON-Neo pay for their hideous actions.

          Emily glanced at Keiana, who was silent and focused as a wolf, running down its prey. Emily could see the fury and emotional turmoil in Keianas eyes and could also see she is feeling very similarly, if not the same. So far, this mysterious yet friendly girl has been wonderful to the settlement and has been a good friend to Emily. However, Emily could also see that Keiana is hiding things. Just before the attack, when up in the forest near the ocean, she asked Keiana something about the two new kaiju, Maaleisce and Giganotohs. She only said that they were known to TRITON for a while and were on their radar. But, when Emily saw Keianas fond reaction towards seeing Maaleisce again and how the hovering kaiju reacted, Emily began to think if there’s something more to Keiana’s story than everyone thinks.

          Emily gasped, horrified to see a group of TRITON-Neo soldiers surrounding the Council area. What got her attention was their attention. They were all looking the other way, yet they were clearly there to take hostages away from the Council. Then, she heard a small gasp from Keiana and turned to see the raven-haired girl clasping a hand under her mouth and her eyes growing wide. Standing in front of them was Giganotohs, who was also looking where the soldiers were looking before quickly stomping out of view. Sounds of smashing and crumbling were heard as the kaiju seemingly stepped out of the way. Emily gave a questioned look. A kaiju, retreating?

          “That’s Harrison, look!” Keiana hissed, pointing sharply to the young man who was approaching the soldiers, who quickly raised their rifles. Emily saw Harrison walking in eerie silence, not saying a word with a look that sent chills down Emily’s spine. She admits to not getting scared often….but for some reason, the way Harrison is acting has genuinely put her on edge. Then she and Keiana saw the eyes! They looked almost like Maaleisce’s, except glowing neon blue and his gaze was if he had a basilisk’s ability. Emily raised a hand to her other team-mates to stop moving. They all crouched down immediately.

          Harrison stopped right in front of one of the soldiers and looked straight in the eye of the soldier, who began to quake in tension and fear. I don’t want to be that, guy! Not in this circumstance¸ she thought as seconds seemed to drone on.

It didn’t take long for the horror to pounce on its victims.


          Before anyone could react, Harrison blitzed forward with near superhuman speed. The next thing everyone knew and saw the soldiers was torn off, clean off the joint. The soldier screamed as blood sprayed from the wound but didn’t feel Harrison’s fist going through his chest. The soldier gasped in shock and agony as the fist punctured the heart, cutting off the blood supplies to every other part of his body. The fist shot back out of the wound and the soldier fell lifelessly to the ground, hitting the ground with fleshy thud. The other soldiers, infuriated that one of their own was killed by a mere kid, all roared and pulled the trigger.  In a wink, Harrison was gone from sight in one minute---

          Then in the other, Harrison, with eyes ablaze with fury, viciousness and unbridled wrath, walloped another soldier in the face. That soldier went flying into a wall just behind the Council. The impact of that soldier created a small crater in that wall and the soldier slumped onto the ground. The all the rest charged, bringing out their swords and pointing them to Harrison in the middle. To their surprise, Harrison charged with even faster speed and began to KO every one of the soldiers.

          Each attack was a blur to those who were watching, but every soldier who felt each one of those blows went into the air.

Harrison round-house kicked one soldier into the Council building, back-fisted another on his left in the temple. He quickly snatched one of the katana from a soldier and began to slice them all as if they’re mince-meat. Two more soldiers were bisected, three more had their heads cut-off and the rest were missing a limb. Suddenly, another katana flicked out of the rogue army and nearly cut-off Harrison’s head. Harrison blocked it just in time, sword connecting with another sword.  The possessed Harrison looked to see a smirking Raven, locking eyes with him, obviously interested in this new turn of events.

          “So, is this what Maaleisce had intended for you? I thought there might be some after-effects when that creature gave you some of its blood,” Raven commented with a slightly shocked tone.

          Harrison said nothing, but frowned at his opponent.

          Raven then brought an index finger and pointed straight to Harrison. “Kill him! Whatever the cost may it be,” Raven commanded as the rest of the soldiers charged towards the possessed Harrison.

          Harrison couched down, building muscle power. Then, at the last minute, before the soldiers reached him, his eyes lit up. The only thing anyone could see of Harrison is a blue-blur as most soldiers are either slashed to death, knocked unconscious or dead. The frenzied attack, however, left much damage throughout the neighborhood as the already decrepit buildings were smashed into smithereens

          Harrison then blasted towards Raven, who had a twisted look of approval on his face and the two swords clanged into each other. Raven could see the young man’s face twist into an animalistic, furious expression. He could hear Harrison’s warbled growling, like some kind of monster making a hideous noise underwater.

          This is obviously Maaleisce’s doing, Raven mused. What else could account for the marked increase in Harrison’s strength, aggression, speed and accuracy?

          Raven momentarily closed his eyes. “Well done! I did not imagine you came this far. But---“, Raven sharply intonated as reached for something in his coat---“this is as far as you go!” A night black syringe with red lettering suddenly was thrusted into Harrison’s neck. Instantly, the glowing blue eyes faded and Harrison went limp. The horror of what went on ended in just 3 minutes.


“NO!!” Keiana screamed as she ran towards Raven. After seeing the carnage Harrison caused and the outcome of that battle, she was left horrified at the sudden change in Harrisons demeanour. But, really, she was scared at what was happening to his mind and the outcome of that. She was concerned that Harrison might never be the same mentally and is equally afraid of what the syringe contained. However, she was also pretty traumatized at what occurred and is cautious about being close to Harrison after being ‘possessed’, as Raven called it. Keiana began to tear up. Harrison wasn’t just her boyfriend.  He was like a sibling to her, a family member and she promised to herself to always to look out for Harrison.

          “Do not worry, young lady”, Raven said. Keiana stopped in her tracks, shocked at what her enemy just said and somewhat relieved yet still cautious.

          “However….”, Raven said as he turned his back towards her, “he’ll come with me…for the time being! There is much to do with him!”

          Keiana leapt forward to deal a serious blow, only to be blocked by two soldier guards who were watching the carnage in the background. She tried to find a way out of the man-made wall but failed. She gritted her teeth and tsked and felt her eyes starting to tear up more. Finally, she reluctantly relented and stepped back.

          Raven nodded in approval. “Smart girl!”

The tall man then turned around and gave a hand signal and all remaining soldiers started to march behind Raven. An uneasy quietness fell over the scene and everyone watching the abrupt end to the settlements destruction had more questions in mind than before. Keiana simply fell to the ground in a ball, trying to quell her own guilt and failure to save the one she loved as boyfriend and sibling.

          She also knew that she has a lot of explaining to do before the Council and the settlement!  


Chapter 11


          Giganotohs stepped onto the beach, the sun-setting on the horizon and the waves cresting onto the shore. The massive, dinosaurian beast sighed as it wearily looked into the sky, now painted with colors red and orange. The fight with the rogue organization had been somewhat taxing to the giant Giganotosaur kaiju and after the chaos that ensued, it needed to get some rest. Additionally, its every-growing lust to fight the other dinosaur kaiju humans called “Atomic Rex” is growing dominant by the minute and from the way the mysterious army fought it, it had to conserve more of its energy for when really needed. Giganotohs may be a battle-oriented beast but it knows when to back-off and conserve energy.

          Giganotohs gave a reluctant snort and stepped into the water just as a bunch of people from what humans called the settlement came over the hill to see the creature slip into the water. As for Maaleisce, it will keep an eye out for it.

          As Giganotohs did so, it sensed another presence. This time, this one is completely new and has landed somewhere outside of the settlement. A presence that was full of nothing but sinister greed, lust and brutality that was as human-like as it was frightening.


          The shadowy entity emerged from the crater it crashed into and pulled its legs from their stuck position onto the surface. Its eyes surveyed the thick forested area with a sinister gaze before turning its back onto the moonlight and heading into the brush. The thing, made partially from metal, knew where its target was and where to find it---find her, to be exact.

          It remembers what happened; it remembered its fight with the glutinous giant the humans called Yokozuna and the clash and pain it experienced from its battle with that mutant, kaiju tyrannosaur---Atomic Rex---and the huge, steel giant where its prey was kept from it. Then, after being darkness, it felt it again. Life was being breathed into it. The memories came back, full force. The warehouse…the captured, enslaved women!

          Then it remembered its purpose and its past experiences. And it was sent here.

          The moonlight shone on its bare patches of skin----ebony black and muscular. Then the eyes looked down onto the scene.

As a newly resurrected form of the kaiju that kept Kate Myers hostage in the warehouse, looked down onto the settlement, as a command voiced through a radio:

“Now, go find your prey…..OGRE!!”




---End of PART 2---