G- Fan #114 Gfantis battles Chris Martinez's Dorugan! In a most unusual fashion!

The Sacrifice of a Guardian G-FAN # 105 2014

G-Fan #110 Featuring Gfantis vs Raiju

G-Fan 111 Featuring Gfantis vs Big In Japan

G-Fan #112 Gfantis vs Chimera - Gfantis takes on Chimera from my novel!!

G-Fan # 108 featuring Gfantis vs Nemesis

G-fan 113# - Gfantis - vs ROC 2 and  ROC 4 from my novel Operation ROC and the Beast of Bray Road.

Orochi and the end of Days G-FAN # 106 2014

The Works of Matt Dennion in G-Fan Magazine

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Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra G-FAN # 104 2013

G-Fan # 109 featuring Gfantis vs King Komodo

Other Issues Featuring Stories by Matt Dennion

Issues Featuring the Gfantis vs Series. A Series in which G-Fan's mascot Gfantis takes on the original kaiju of other authors and artists from novels, short stories, and comics!

Gods and Giants- G-FAN #101 2013

Entombed in Time- G-FAN #103 2013