Kaiju vs Cancer is a joint effort between St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital and over 20 Kaiju authors, artists, and YouTubers! Our charity will feature a rotating selection of T-shirts, with two or more of our monsters either engaged in battle or standing united against cancer! All T-shirts sold through this charity are made in the USA and all proceeds from the charity go directly to St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital.
In addition to T-Shirts, we will also be putting together an anthology of short kaiju stories. All sales from the anthology will go to St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital as well.
By purchasing a T-Shirt or making a donation you can help kaiju such Atomic Rex, Draco Azul, Dorugan, Atheos, Irokus, Robot God Akamatsu, Kronos, Kodoja, Thesaurus Rex, Commander Baitah and Lieutenant Alphon, Durontus, Marugarh, Team Kaiju, Augustine and Bell, Snazzy Chapeau, Persastro, Dargolla, and many more monsters make the transition from fantasy to reality as they challenge the monster that is childhood cancer!

The Artwork of Kaiju vs Cancer!