Jeremy Robinson – The man who brought the kaiju novel genre to life with his tremendous Project Nemesis series!

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Todd Tennat and Mike Bouge – Creators of the American Kaiju Website. Featuring such awesome monsters as King Komodo, Gigante, and the Atomic Drive In!

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Tim Price – Author of Big in Japan- Rock Stars, Robots, Witches, and Kaiju Collide in his awesome novel!

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K.H. Koehler – Author of Raiju: A Kaiju Hunter Novel. A tale of kaiju of demons so terrifying the Lovecraft himself would shiver!

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Keith Foster – Creator of the Kaiju Comic Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown! The ultimate cybernetic Kaiju battles an evil from the beginning of time!

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Christopher Martinez – Creator of Night of the Fire Beast. A unique and fun tale on the kaiju genre!

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Mark Dennion -Author of the superhero novel "The References" it features the distant cousin of Atomic Rex Thesaurus Rex.

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Irokus - Enter Frank Parr's and Wayne Smith's Kaijuverse

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Jesse Wilson - Author of Narbasaurus! Another great kaiju tale! To order click here

Below is a list of Kaiju Authors and artists who are note only wonderful writers and illustrators of giant monsters but also great people. Each one of them took the time to help on my journey to becoming a writer and they asked nothing in return! Please visit their sites and check out their books and artwork!